Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Julie Mardin, CALL Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Food Age
Is Genetically Modified Food A Solution?
Towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Post 2015: WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN?
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65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference
65th UN DPI/NGO Conference
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Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

Margaret Zox Brown
Cut Tomato
20” x 16”
Oil on Canvas

Paintings to be Savored
“I am attracted to the purity and naturalness that exists in the world.”

by Margaret Zox BROWN

Through many evolutions of my artwork, I have now arrived at a place with my art where I believe it is the truest and purest expression of me. My feelings for any painting are expressed through my creating that painting. So, I want to keep my paintings somewhat unfinished and as a work-in-progress with my processes of both painting and drawing standing out. My viewers can then fill in however they choose and really personally connect with a painting. I want them to connect emotionally with the essence or soul of my always organic subject matter of figures, fruit or nature while at the same time take thejourney on the canvas that I have give them through all elements (color, paint application,medium, light, form, line etc).

Margaret Zox Brown - Peaches
Peaches, Pieces, Plate,
40” x 30”
Oil on Canvas

“...luscious, ripe, naturally imperfect and unaltered...”

In my art, line, form and a refined drawn image are as important to me as color, paint and paint application. And, I can be drawn to just about anything; a line, a gesture, a color moment or a mood. I am always aware of the canvas as the flat, 2 dimensional object that it is. I am always aware of my viewer. And, I am always thinking of how I am leading my viewer around each canvas and why. My viewer connects with my art as well as with me.

Margaret Zox Brown
Only One
75” x 68”
Oil on Canvas

At a particular point in the evolution of my painting, I learned that what I do or say or express with my art is the all encompassing expression of me. The essence of me cannot really be summed up in a word or a sentence or even a description. But it can be and is magnificently expressed through my art. I am attracted to the purity and naturalness that exists in the world. Innocent, familiar emotions or moods; luscious, ripe, naturally imperfect and unaltered fruit; the simple, real beauty of reaching and bowing flowers or trees. This is what moves me and it is what I am always expressing in and with my art.

Margaret Zox Brown - Fabulous Little Bananas
Fabulous Little Bananas
24” x 18”
Oil on Canvas

And ultimately, in giving my art and thus what is important to me out into the world, I want my art to be so stimulating, such a truly sensitive expression that as someone experiences it, full feelings are felt by the viewer and the viewer’s attention is held with new moments discovered, noticed and savored continually.

About the Artist:
Margaret Zox Brown has been studying the relationships between drawing and color all her life. Her education at the elite Chapin high school in New York, and Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut imbued her with a respect for formality, exquisite beauty, and the presence of history everywhere.

Her paintings hang in many private collections, and are also on prominent display in such notable venues as Danny Meyer’s restaurant, Maialino in the Gramerc Park Hotel, NY, NY, The Cafe at Fairway Market, Browadway & 74th Street, NY, NY, Better Being 940, NY, NY, and at Brill Securities, Inc., NY, NY.

You can see more of Margaret Zox Brown’s work at her website:


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