Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Julie Mardin, CALL Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Food Age
Is Genetically Modified Food A Solution?
Towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Post 2015: WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN?
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65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference
65th UN DPI/NGO Conference
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Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

These images were created for a video which is intended to educate the public
about conspiracies, GMOs and vaccines.


Mark Mentzer - Starving Children
You can view the GMO section of that video by clicking here.


Mark Mentzer - Corn Masks

GMO foods are in fact poison. Monsanto Corp., maker of Agent Orange, created seeds in the 90s which are "Roundup Ready", meaning they have the pesticide in them which destroys the bugs that digest them. The problem is that humans and anyone else digesting the food from those seeds are getting poisoned as well. Granted not as quickly as the bugs but people are getting sick nevertheless. Another problem is that Monsanto is single-handedly destroying many farmer's lives by claiming that the farmers are infringing on their patent when the seeds blow into their crops.

Mark Mentzer - GMO Corn


Mark Mentzer - Nuclear Power Plant - Scelaton


Mark Mentzer - Cereal Bowls


Mark Mentzer - Roundup Ready


Mark Mentzer - Roundup


Hello my name is Mark Mentzer. Allow me to introduce myself. I was born and raised in New York. After attending High School in Westbury, NY I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, NY. After art school I moved to Los Angeles and worked on Star Wars, Tom and Jerry and Fat Albert, I also have worked for numerous well renowned studios.

Now I’ve relocated to Florida and decided to branch out on my own. Always being very creative and working independently even while working for others, I feel this is the best use of my creativity and talent, while also being my best way of servicing a wide array of clients with diverse needs. I enjoy not being boxed in within parameters given to me by an employer so I can use my wide range of talents, and not be limited to just working for limited categories of clientele.

My artistic soul has emerged and developed into digital art painting. Spirituality has inspired my present work on mandalas. As an Animator and Interactive Designer, I have over 20 years of computer graphics experience and over 15 years experience creating interactive media. I’ve been using interactive media technology, including Macromedia Flash, Director, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe Illustrator since 1988. Living in Largo Florida and specializing in Website Design, Cartoons, Logos, Flash Animation, Graphic Design, Print Media, Business Presentations, Entertainment Websites and Small Business Websites, I am indeed a jack of all trades.

Art works by Mark Mentzer

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