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Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

Images from Fresh Pond Reservation

by Richard GARDNER

An urban naturalist, sentenced and convicted for believing cars caused air pollution,
now documents a municipal treasure

Richard Gardner


Richard Gardner
Richard Gardner 3


Richard Gardner


Richard Gardner


Richard Gardner


Richard Gardner 7


Richard Gardner 8

These photographs were taken at Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, over the last 10+ years, at all times of the year. A number of different cameras were used, both digital, and, in the early years (2004-2005), film. None of the photos have been manipulated in any way either after taken or with any special camera settings. A small number of the images were taken after dark with a standard flash built into each camera.

Fresh Pond Reservation is about 300 acres with 150 making up the reservoir that supplies fresh water for the city of Cambridge. The other 150 acres includes a 9-hole golf course, athletic fields, a children's playground, a walking path surrounding the reservoir, hiking trails through a number of manicured and wild woods areas. Included is a facility known locally as the Taj Mahal of water processing plants. It was an expensive yet beautiful building considering its major function.

Fresh Pond Reservation is great place that is taken great care of by many people, even multiple generations of families who live in the area.

Is access to nature is just as vital as our access to pure and healthful food? This sounds like something I can agree with.

But in America business comes before democracy, until people realize the real cost. Think, from past examples, smoking, lead in gasoline, thalidomide, and a long list of others, plus those things the public has no idea about. GMOs are business and will not be interfered with until after their true cost to the commons becomes real to the general public.

In actuality, we, and every other living thing, are Genetically Modified Organisms. This happens naturally and by chance within individual cells, via direct contact, through the air, by being dissolved in water, and other yet-to-be-discovered means. Or, expressed another way: Talk Shrub To Me:

The artificial process that’s being done in the lab, however, is a personal concern of mine...

* * * * *

About RICHARD GARDNER: Spent a few years growing up on a small farm near Burlington, Wyoming. Eventually graduated from high school in Cody, Wyoming.

Went to MIT. Dropped out. Became a Vietnam War draft resistor. Eventually convicted and sentenced to four years of mental health therapy as the judge thought me crazy for the form of my resistance to being sent to jail and believing that cars caused air pollution.

Designed, built, and staffed the Boston Children's Museum first public access computer facility.

Worked for MIT's Project MAC programming and documenting Multics, an advanced computer operating system that became the basis for what would later be called the Internet.

Worked for Intermetrics, a NASA subcontractor that wrote software for the Space Shuttle computer systems, for three years.

Co-founded the Boston Computer Society, which eventually become one of the largest and most influential organizations of its kind.

Spent 12 years living in and visiting an artists community in Austria.

Started the Art Deadlines List just after the birth of the public Internet. Also went to work for a small documentary film company converting them to the web and all digital formats.

Now in the 11th year of my Fresh Pond Reservation project. On my daily walks (haven't missed a day since September 19, 2006) I take photographs and make notes about observations that include things seen by other walkers. Here's a selection of what I consider some of my best photos.

In the works is my Fresh Pond Reservation opus A Year At Fresh Pond.

The Light Millennium would like to thank Richard Gardner for his very generous donation and kind support for our website this summer. We have all grown to rely on him and his incredible encyclopedic Art Deadlines List.

Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

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