2016 UN HL Informal International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Seventy-First Session of the United Nations General Assembly
High-level informal plenary meeting to commemorate and promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Trusteeship Council
United Nations Head Quarters
September 26, 2016

The following two excerpts were taken based on the delivered statements by two Civil Society representatives during the afternoon session:

“Whether by military order, accident, or an act of terrorism, and with immensely more powerful nuclear weapons today, we are now at risk for far worse humanitarian and environmental nuclear disasters than Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The only way to prevent such cataclysmic annihilation is the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons and the establishment of a new era without these instruments of mass terror positioned throughout the world. No other measure can achieve this goal.

In memory of the hundreds of thousands who died 71 years ago and in the years that followed, and the countless more 'hibakusha' who faced the terrors of post-nuclear survival, may their courage, strength, and perseverance infuse us with these same qualities so that every nation finds within itself the courage to eliminate nuclear weapons at home and advocate for this mission across the globe.”
–– Delivered by Susan Southard, Representing the International Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons

* * * * *

“The Youth reminds all delegations that the pursuit in good faith of multilateral negotiations on nuclear disarmament is required by Article VI of the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), as upheld by the 1996 Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice. The principle of good faith requires implementation of the obligation now, not at some point in the future. It has been 70 years, since the first UN General Assembly resolution south to set in motion a process for the elimination of WMD and 46 years since the NPT entered into force.
A Nuclear attack would be devastating. We only need to listen the accounts of the Hibakusha and the citizens of the Marshall Islands, who suffered from their use and testing, to understand how no state can adequately respond to an emergency caused by such weapons.”
–– Delivered by Christian N. Ciobanu, BANG Coordinator;
Ban All Nukes Generation | BAN
Geneva & Youth Representative, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

–– This album is prepared by Bircan Unver, NGO Observer
(during the above commemorated event).
The Light Millennium - Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information

6 October 2016, The Light Millennium - http://www.lightmillennium.org

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