"The best weapon is to sit down and talk"
– Nelson Mandela

We, the UN associated NGOs were lucky to be at the United Nations on the Centennial of Nelson Mendela along with the Opening Ceremony of the “The Best Weapon – Peace Bench’” by Norway on July 18, 2019.

Location: Next to the Tied Gun at the entrance of the United Nations Headquarters Plaza in New York City

Duration: Opened on July 18 – till the end of 74 Sessions of the UN General Assembly (September 30, 2019).

The Best Weapon, in another name, "Peace Bench" is described as below:

"A bench is just a bench, unless it’s been commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. In that case, a bench is more of a symbol—a bridge between nations if you will.
Snøhetta, the Norwegian architecture firm behind net-zero office buildings and an epic underwater restaurant, worked with two other Norwegian companies—aluminum manufacturer Hydro and outdoor furniture manufacturer Vestre—to create a bench that would do just that (or at least provide people a cool place to rest for a minute or two).”
Source: https://www.curbed.com/2019/10/10/20896603/snohetta-peace-bench-united-nations-nobel-peace-center

* * *

Now, The Peace Bench as "THE BEST WEAPON" is no longer at the UN Headquarters…

With that, we are very pleased to present you via this photo album as one of the most inspirational events at the UN HQ.
It brought ambassadors, high level UN officials, representatives of the governments sitting side by side on the Peace Bench, and UN affiliated NGOs followed by, who had the same opportunity during and after the Opening Ceremony, which took place in conjunction to the Centennial of Nelson Mandela at the UN on the same-evening of July 18, 2019.

• Photos & album by Bircan Ünver, The Light Millennium
by NGO colleagues at the UN (the ones that Bircan is in it.)

• Assisted by: Irem Ünal, Youth Representative of The Light Millennium to the
United Nations Department of Global Communications

– This album is posted on November 30, 2019.

©2019, The Light Millennium - www.lightmillennium.org

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