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The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project
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An open global school project proposal (in development process).
Definition of The Light Millennium -
Global Diversity School Project

A Project by Bircan ÜNVER

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-- Introduction - May 2, 2004
-- ISTANBUL DIARY: A Dream of 5 Billion Dollars

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-- Definition of the Dream or Global Diversity School Project
-- Grace Period & Outcome of the project
-- Summary & Conclusion

Title & Definition of the Project

The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project

The formal definition of this dream is very simple in essence. The Light Millennium: A Global-Diversity School Project: starting from age 3 until master's degree or until gaining a degree (24-26) in a specific field, which is directly connected with professional life, such as technology, science, international business, culture, academia, in all levels of education as well as in all active and emerging fields which exist or may develop in time.

Within the principal concept and aim, a combination of home and school oriented project will be developed in a horizontal and circular chain formation. This is like a meridian: each school will represent and be surrounded with children from around the world, and the expansion of the project or increasing the number of the children and students annually will also be based on the same principal for orphan, poor, war or terror victims and from poverty level or lower income families' kids globally.

In addition to that, people with no economic and financial difficulties, but are divorced families or single parents not capable to take care of their children because of psychological and/or social problems will be considered in this concept too. Their children also will be accepted to The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School. In this case, these children's families will have to pay an annual tuition for their own children. These children's education and any given opportunities will be exactly the same with the rest.

In other words, the target children for this school are in and from six continents, from the age of 3, poor, orphan, single-parented children or the children of victims of war, terror, and all sorts of socially and mentally disordered families' kids or victimized children by the wrong or one sided-political practices (such as in Karabag/Azerbaijan), and the like. I believe that, these children, if not given home and chance for a healthy growing and education, might turn out to be potential self-destructive bombs, terrorists, thieves, criminals or murderers whether their families are financially capable or not.

The objective is, to raise these children as "smart, good, productive, hardworking and useful" individuals within a peaceful and caring setting. It is aimed to create an environment for ongoing growth, development and force to expand our preset mind limits through this global diversified education system, and also to establish, uplift and sustain this environment towards a true global community and peace in all meanings. Therefore, when these children join the work force globally, they also will lead the whole world for a better future. These school/s will not raise a few leaders out of several million students over the years, but most likely will raise each and every one of them as a leader who will be a continuous contributor to this world in this concept in every level of his/her life.

The very first global schools might be developed and implemented from any and all of the following countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey (Aegean or Mediterranean Cost), Northern Cyprus; Azerbaijan, Egypt, Indonesia; India, Sri Lanka; Chili, Brazil, Ecuador; Australia; Spain, Portugal; Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and the USA (in Key West, Florida or Orlando or California).

From the above, the first chosen pilot schools might probably be from the Aegean Region (possibly Izmir) or a village close to the Mediterranean coast (Antalya) in Turkey or in North Cyprus and Azerbaijan in-conjunction with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just like in the procedures of immigration to the USA, at first, 55 thousand children will be accepted from all countries annually. After the project's full implementation, the target will be 300 thousand children in the following 5 or 10 years. It is a school perception which embraces a family-home-school concept for the individual of tomorrow until he/she attends a college and earns a profession.

Children will actively involve in activities such as school chores, administration, ongoing projects, farming or building (based on the geographical location and need), handcrafts, laboratory, engineering, architecture, playing at least one musical instrument. Creative works will be strongly encouraged based on individual interest areas or skills from 1st grade on. In time, these schools should provide necessary food and protein for their children based on their own products. Examples: Nesin Children Foundation & Koy Enstituleri (Institutes of Village - 1940-45)

For The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project's ("LM - GDSP") implementation, applications and practices, an LM-GDSP Supreme Council should be developed and established. This council will develop its curriculum for pre-K through 12th grades, college, masters, perhaps doctorate programs as well as vocational and certificate programs. The LM-GDSP Supreme Council will build up from global top level educators, experts on education, pedagogues, physiologists, physical educators, psychologists, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, contemporary authors/poets, artists, musicians, so on and so forth from the participant countries of the projects. There also will be a need to develop and formed A Global Education Constitution in the context of the LM-GDSP project which will be agreed upon by each and every participant government's representatives. Or the representatives will agree to sign the constitution in order to benefit from it or to be a part of it, where there might be slight adjustments depending on every country's geographical situation and educational system which should work in conjunction with but not limited to the existing one.

In essence, LM - GDSP aims to establish a school that will raise and educate children of the world all together, creating a unique global family. It will be an institution that will function both as a home/family and a school which will provide several efficient tools for these children's lives. When children are 6 years old and up, there will be an ongoing exchange program between other partner schools in different continents in that time. For instance: none of the children will finish the school from pre-K to Master's degree in the same country or continent. Ongoing exchange programs will start with summer trips and winter breaks for 6 year olds and up. In that early age, those children will get to know other parts of the world and their global brothers and sisters. Another example might be: the ones who graduate from high school in an American branch might study higher education in Africa or Asia or Australia or vise-versa. When they graduate from college or after having a master's degree or profession, each and every one of these children will know the 6 continents, understand their friends and differences and cultural values and will already have built up their own global family and network from the very beginning.

For this reason, these children also can be the guardians of the Earth to prevent the rest from wrong- doings.

As an initial approach of this project, these children will be indebted neither to the state nor to the school nor to an individual. However, when they attain their profession, they will contribute for 3 children like themselves to be educated. For this purpose, at the stage when they are graduating from their schools to gain a profession, they will freely choose 3 children from 3 different nations from the chain of these schools, and they will contribute a ratio of their income 2-4 times annually for these children's education and will become the honorary families of these children.

In the early application process of the project, one of the main goals is to implement the education process concerning children from age 3 to 15 as a whole. Following this, high school, college, master's and doctorate programs or vocational schools to function stage by stage is foreseen.

In a general and tangent frame, the first category to be accepted to this school consists of 3-6 year olds. The second category is 6-12 year olds (Including elementary and secondary high school), the third category is 15-18 year olds (high school and college).

This is a project to be put into implementation stage by stage. For instance, at the first stage, preschool, elementary and middle school might be planned to start functioning. They will have a curriculum in 3 languages and will offer 9 elective language courses within 6 continents.

As it was mentioned previously, this will be a FREE of TUITION school for the children to be selected from underdeveloped, or developing countries amongst low income families. This is a school project to be implemented, developed and spread in many places in the world under the umbrella of a multinational institution and foundation (as a model: a combination of United Nations, UNICEF & Millennium Challenge) to be built by the donation funds from the economically developed countries and multinational companies' budgets every year and also with the incorporation of the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Bank as well as that of the government agencies in related country and continents.

Fields such as Science, Physics, Mathematics, Arts, History, Archaeology, Foreign Languages, Astronomy, Space Technology, Design Engineering, International Culture, Literature and emerging new fields will be part of the curriculum at every level.

In the 'Big Picture" of the today's world, this project has been born as an alternative and a solution to the existing global injustice and also as an investment for the children and the humanity for better tomorrows.

Of course, this will be only possible with an ongoing incorporation with government agencies, institutions, private sectors, international and multinational corporations as well as with contributions globally from every social walks of life. This project definitely will lead us to weaken and in time fading all existing prejudices, to move into a much more creative and saver era, and to pour all sources and energy for increasing global education level, to better understand each other, and life standards to develop in all means.

Grace Period & Outcome of the project:

The project's first grace period will be for 25 years, secondly 15 years more, and additionally for the third period, 10 more years. When $5 billion is compiled from various sources, it will prompt to implement the project in 6 continents (6 to 8 potential countries) in full capacity within 5 to 10 years, and will be used as a main source for the first 25 and the partly for next 10 years.

The project's first outcome/return to the global community will be in around 2040-50, and major changes and great accomplishments and achievements from these potentials will come out and flourish the globe between the years 2050-75.

Such a global and international education platform is dreamed as a school that brings together children from the countries for creating a global family who are members of the United Nations and have 'signed the human rights agreements' and not been able to take sufficient care of their children so far. The goal is to carry the United Nations' structure of participation and institution to the area of education and, develop and spread it for this project purpose.

At the same time, the Green Card lottery example which allows certain number of people from different countries to to live in the US every year is an inspiration to such school project. In particular, considering that the US is importing adults via lottery and but not offering them any jobs, or health and future guarantee, the Global Diversity School Project can be an investment for the US in the long term as well as to pay back to the global community. As an essence of creating a diversity global community, The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project will be formed and based on this principal. Furthermore, it will be a channel to raise good citizens of the World as well as it will be a leader to increase global education standards and perhaps will lead us for a "World State" and "World Citizenship" status.

Summary and Conclusion:

As a summary, this dream concerns, 5-10 years after the project's inception, having a capacity of offering education starting from 55 thousand to 300 thousand students every year under the condition of a multinational, diversified and equally distributed participation.

The students will consist of the children from families who do not have the economic living standard that each country has defined as an average, or children of divorced couples, or who lost their families in an accident or natural disasters, or single-parented children or children of communities which are exposed to political mistreatments or the effects of internal or general war causes over the families and children.

One of the main principles is that the total number of the students to be selected for the school should consist of equal number of girls and boys.

At the beginning of the 22nd Century, The Light Millennium - Global Diversity Schools will be developed in many countries, and then the global community will be merged, global social and economic cliffs and mega gaps will be partly fixed and get much more closer to each other. The production of weapons will be enormously decreased, and these sources will be channeled to this sort of global projects in each and every country.

Hopefully, this will also lead to abolishment of all types of war, terrorism, mass-destruction, and production of both conventional and nuclear weapons. And the end result will be the elevation of human mind and soul for a greater global united family, which will also lead us to the "Golden Age" of humanity as Sir Arthur C. Clarke has envisioned in his future epic and legendary masterpiece, "Childhood's End" (1953).

Without doubt, to raise and gain these children as 'intelligent, smart, good, productive, hardworking, caring, open minded and efficient, and effective in their field' individuals as well as seeding love in them to all people for creating a greater global community, which will take the whole world towards a World State, and a better future where we imagine to live that possibly will connect us with other planets...

- . -

Translated by Figen Bingül

The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project - An ongoing development process...

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-- Introduction - May 2, 2004
-- ISTANBUL DIARY: A Dream of 5 Billion Dollars

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