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Light Millennium TV
Immediate Release
Dated: Aug. 30, 2007
Light Millennium TV (LMTV) at QPTV
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Light Millennium TV proudly presents…
UN/NGO Profiles # 8:
Sir Joan KIRBY & Sherrill KAZAN
on the Upcoming UN/DPI-NGO 60th Annual Conference:
“Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All”

Cablecasting schedule of the LMTV/UNNGO Profiles at QPTV - September 2007:

UN-NGO Profile 8: Sir Joan KIRBY & Sherrill KAZAN
On Monday, September 3, 2007, Ch 356 8:30 pm.
On Sunday, September, 16, 2007, Ch #56, 7:30 pm
On Wednesday. September. 19, 2007, Ch. 56, 11:30 am.

UN-NGO Profiles 7: Juan Carlos BRANDT & Richard JORDAN

On Tuesday, Septe,ber 4, Ch#57 @ 9:30PM. (re-run)
(For the transcription of the UNNGO Profiles 7)

Light Millennium TV (LMTV) proudly presents UN/NGO Profiles 8: Sir Joan KIRBY & Sherrill KAZAN on the United Nations DPI/NGO 60th Annual Conference: “Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All”.
In conjunction to the upcoming the UN/DPI-NGO Annual 60th Conference entitled, “CLIMATE CHANGE: HOW IT IMPACTS US ALL”, at the United Nations on September 5-7, 2007. A series of television profiles are scheduled as part of the Light Millennium TV Series on Queens Public Television. The series, entitled “LMTV/UN-NGO Profiles,” features key figures from the UN staff and local members of NGOs working with the UN, discussing how climate change affects every individual and what citizens can do about the problem.

The second of this season’s series features the chair of the Executive Committee of the UN/DPI NGO and the representative of the Temple of Understanding to the United Nations, Sir Joan KIRBY, and Sherrill KAZAN, co-chair of the Events and Fundrasing Committee of the Annual 60th Conference, and representative of the World Council of the Peoples and the Mexican Acedemia of the International Law to the United Nations.

The LMTV UN-NGO Profiles series was launched by the Light Millennium TV Series at Queens Public TV in July 2006. The producer of the series is Bircan ÜNVER and the host is Dr. Judy KURIANSKY. The Light Millennium associated with the DPI/UN on December 12, 2005. If you have any queries about the Light Millennium TV/UNNGO Profiles, produced by Bircan Unver please contact LMTV at

Light Millennium TV Series (monthly “LMTV”) has been airing on Queens Public TV ( since January 2000. Based in New York City, LMTV is under the umbrella of the Light Millennium organization, a 501 (c) (3) charitable public benefit organization whose mission is to provide an international platform for the free expression of ideas and experiences in order to foster a global connection among all people. For more information, see:

The Department of Public Information/ NGO section (UN DPI/NGO) seeks to reach people around the world to help them better understand the work and aims of the United Nations. Acting as a liaison between the United Nations and over 1,500 NGOs around the world, and other civil society organizations, it provides information services and oversees the annual conference of NGOs. See: Or
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