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Date: August 25, 2013

Women City
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H.E. CARLOS E. GARCIA GONZALES, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations.

Bircan Ünver, Founding President, Permanent Representative of The Light Millennium to the United Nations.

This episode of The Light Millennium Television Series profiles of El Salvador's remarkable initiative CUIDAD MUJER / WOMEN CITY's programs and accomplishment.

CUIDAD MUJER / WOMEN CITY of El Salvador, designed, developed, implemented, and expanded for empowering women and gender equality in 2009 by VANDA PIGNATO, FIRST LADY AND SECRETARY OF SOCIAL INCLUSION OF EL SALVADOR.

The program introduces a few selection from the successfully implemented and accomplished programs of the Cuidad Mujer through previously produced clips/shots from the premises of Cuidad Mujer in El Salvador, which also features the First Lady Vanda Pignato.

Supportive visual materials and music of this program provided by the Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations.

* * * * *

CUIDAD MUJER/WOMEN CITY - Project Description

The General Objective Of The Ciudad Mujer Project Is To Contribute To Improving The Living Conditions Of Salvadoran Women Through The Facilitation Of Essential Services Offered Or Coordinated By Comprehensive Health Care Centers Located Strategically In The Country, Known As Centros Ciudad Mujer [city Of Women Centers] (ccm).the Project Includes Financing The Activities Grouped Into The Following Components:
1. Construction Of Five Ccm And The Possible Expansion-rehabilitation Of One Additional Ccm. The Ccms To Be Financed By The Project Will Serve The Following Areas: San Salvador-north And South, San Vicente/la Paz, Usulután/san Miguel, Sonsonate/ahuachapán, And Santa Ana/sonsonate.
2. Comprehensive Care And Community Outreach Modules.a. Comprehensive Care Modules In The Ccms.
The Five Comprehensive Care Module To Be Offered Through The Ccms Are:
I) Prevention And Treatment Of Violence Against Women; Ii) Comprehensive Health Services, With Emphasis On Sexual And Reproductive Health; Iii) Economic Autonomy; Iv) Group Education; And V) Childcare Services.b. Community Outreach.
The Three Comprehensive Modules To Be Offered Are: I) Violence Prevention; Ii) Group Education; And Iii) A Call Center.3. Institutional Strengthening For The Management Of Ciudad Mujer.
This Component Will Finance The Following Activities To Support The Management Of The Ciudad Mujer Project: I) Professional Services For The Project¿s Technical Coordination; Ii) Equipping Of The Sis¿s Ciudad Mujer Program Coordination Unit; Iii) Training Of Ccm Staff, As Well As The Sis¿s Ciudad Mujer Program Coordination Unit; Iv) Development Of Operations And Administrative Manuals; V) Development Of The Registration System For Ccm User; Vi) The Monitoring And Evaluation System; Vii) A Communication And Dissemination Strategy For The Program, Including Information On The Services Provided By Ciudad Mujer; And Vii) Equipping Of The Project Coordination Unit (pcu).
Source: Inter-American Development Bank -,1303.html?id=es-l1056

ABOUT H.E. Mr. CARLOS E. GARCIA GONZALES, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations:
H.E. Ambassador Garcia was appointed as the Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations on March 13, 2013. Prior to that he served as the Deputy Permanent Representative beginning in June, 2010. He is a career diplomat who has served his country in the United Nations since July, 1996. He
has followed several issues of the United Nations agenda, inter alia, Political & International Security; Decolonization; Economic, Financial and Environmental; Social, Humanitarian & Human Rights; and Peace building issues during his post in New York.

In this regard, he has represented El Salvador in the Economic and Social Council and many others subsidiary bodies such as the Commission on Social Development, the former Commission on Human Rights, the Commission on the Status of Women, the Commission on Population and Development, the Peace Building Commission as well as the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA, the Executive Board of UNICEF, the Executive Board of UNWomen and the former Executive Board of INSTRAW. Ambassador Garcia is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW -2012-13) and the ViceChairman of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD 2013-2014). He also served as the Vice-Chairperson of the Executive Board of UNDP-UNFPA-UNOPS in 2011, the ViceChairperson of the Second Committee during the 64ºUNGA, and the Vice-Chairperson of the Third Committee during the 59th and 56th sessions of the General Assembly.

* * * * *

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