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The Light Millennium

INVITE/FLYER - Launched.


To invite and obtain “Action and Solution Oriented Project” ideas with a specific and well-defined solution mechanism and an estimated or envisioned “Project Timeline.” Projects must display a replicable capacity that also may be applicable in other countries facing similar problems.

Based upon the number of designated participating websites (there could/should be more than one), the best selections will appear on the primary host’s website, and the subsidiary website will link to the first website and share the project’s visual identity on the relevant web pages or sub-index):
a) a banner and logo will be created;

b) It will have its independent home or subhome page;
c) Based upon received submissions and defined Post-2015 SDGs; accordingly, under matching categories "submission + relevant SDG", sub categories will be created consequently;
d) Received submissions will be evaluated under as
d1) Ongoing Projects which are in operational stage
d2) Funded and Planned Projects
d3) Innovative Projects
d4) Envisioned Projects
d5) Personnel and Organizational pledge/commitment
e) PROFILES Category for the submitter/organization will be created that also will have sub categories based upon the focus areas of the organization/submitter and the project;
f) Monthly or quarterly updates will be shared through social media;
g) It will also have a few social media pages re Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter;
h) Relevant Photo album and/or short video's upto 5min., along with a written introduction will be considered as well.

i) Based upon received project's, programs and ideas and their overarching goal and visions as well as their doability/applicability or the originality of the project or innovation level or quality; within primarily selected category, one of those also will be chosen as the PROJECT/PROFILE OF THE MONTH (or of that particular quarterly) that will create a dynamic, interactive and ongoing process as well as more encourages others to submit ideas or get involved/start working more with the SDGs!

j) CALL FOR SUBMISSION will encourage participants to relate their submission with the 65th UN DPI/NGO Conference’s Final Declaration. With that, WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN? Project will be a channel to activate and bring in actual projects, proposals as the other half of/counterpart of the CONFERENCE’S DECLORATION as an ongoing, dynamic process that won’t let it become another passive UN or UN/NGO document!

SUBMISSION FORMAT - 3 to max. 5 pages as word file (12 font Arial, Verdana or Times font). All submissions will be via a designated email or an online form. And, if the project is its on operational process, accordingly, 1-3 project related photos ‘as in action’ might be required.
Each submission should cover the following generic questions (As a brain storm to be developed further towards to its Guideline):

1) What is the applicant’s main working field or interested area in the Post-2015 Agenda?
2) Description of the project (whether it is envisioned or planned or funded or already in operational process or a combination of these).
3) Identify – describe the problem as a chronic ongoing or newly emerged issue.
4) What is the core transformation point in your defined and committed action plan?
5) What is your/My Action Plan’ sustainability mechanism and envisioned life span?
6) Describe it if its effect and impact area is restricted to a very specific geographical location and/or if it is also replicable on the national, regional and/or international level.
7) Based upon implementation of your/My Action Plan within its defined timeline and life span, accordingly, what might be its envisioned next phase?

The initial submission could be emailed to MYACTION@LIGHTMILLENNIUM.ORG e-address as a word file and images as in jpg format. The core team of this project will have an access to this email and/or (later) created online form. Auto acknowledgement will be send follow by each submission.

Each submission will require a profile of the organization or the applicant (300 words) along with organization’s logo or a project related image.

1) Once the project is launched, then the core team of the project will share/disseminate that information through social media;
2) Create Group and/or LIKE page in Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter such as #myactionplan that is not limited to.

- Book Publishing (bi-annualy or every three years in print)
- Documentary and film
- Mini TV Series
- Events/panel discussions on the best and diverse projects at the UN premises and/or universities
- AWARD – Featuring the best of the bests implementable/applicable projects during the 66th Annual DPI/NGO Conference in the form of inviting the project’s owner to present his/her organization’s project during the following conference.

Aforementioned proposal aims to encourage all interested parties’ active involvements with “MY ACTION PLAN” or “WHAT IS MY ACTION?” project in support of the key concept of the 65th UN NGO/DPI Conference “2015 AND BEYOND: OUR ACTION AGENDA” that will ultimately serve the expansion of the life-span of the conference as well as towards the Post 2014 Sustainable Human Development Agenda.

And, taking from that point on, it also aims to become an integral part of the upcoming annual UN/DPI NGO conferences as well as DPI/NGO Relations’ ongoing “Outreach” efforts that will establish a more dynamic, constructive, productive and inspiring ongoing connection and relations with the Department of Public Information and the NGO Relations, and the UN with the rest of the world. All in all, this project will present two ways effective and active messaging/communication and presentation that potentially will lead to change the one-way messaging/reaching out efforts of the DPI to the NGOs, CSOs, academia and people at large.

Written and proposed by: Bircan Ünver
Founding President and Permanent Rep. to the UN/DPI of The Light Millennium;
Member of the Media Subcommittee of the 65th Annual UN/NGO Conference

About Bircan Ünver:

Email to:

Twitter: #MYACTION2013

Special Thanks to: Julie Mardin for her inputs in the 2nd Draft of this proposal.

Updated on September 21, 2014

DISCLOSURE: This project initially proposed to the Co-Chairs of the 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference, also to the UN DPI/NGO Executive Committee (Dates: June 24, July 17 and August 9, 2014).


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