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Light of Truth
Part -III-


Petra stood in the midst of the fallen city, looking around, watching people at work. There were people from all around the world that came to help to save more and more lives from the debris which remained after the sudden earthquake that struck the city and its highlights. There were thousands of buildings that were collapsed after the big earthquake.

She worked for the Red Cross in New Delhi about a couple of years so she knew where to go along with Robert after the incident. They were among the first volunteers to help the victims of the earthquake. Everybody around were confused and running around. People wanted to help their loved ones and relatives. The silent of death was ruling the city, which was turned upside down.

Robert walked on the long street and at this part of the city nothing was moving. Suddenly he got excited and felt like helping everybody that is under the debris of the buildings that fall apart. He could not believe his eyes, he was praying continuously. It was too much to handle after all he went through, he wanted to scream out loud with tears flooding out of his eyes. He was helpless; there was nothing but death all around him.

After a while the whole city was at work to heal the people. There were thousands of people who lost their homes trying to survive in thousands of tents. Petra was busy nursing the injured children. She was experienced in helping children who are in need of help. She helped them through the hunger they went through years ago. Robert sat there and watched her in action. He had done all the things he could by that time. She always had a smile on her face, which helped people forget their fears and pain. Robert felt relaxed with her calm behaviors and he felt the bliss, existence, and the consciousness. He was building himself the way he used to be before he came to India with the help of Petra’s being. They were staying in the same tent provided by the Red Cross. In the middle of this confusion they did not talk about the things they went through before. The pain of the people and the remains of the city was quietly talking to them and screaming out for help. There was not any point and time for them to discuss their personal issues.

The city was still under the effect of the earthquake, still shaking with aftershocks. The people living on the street in the tents or working continuously to save more and more people. Robert was also helping them out.

The time rolled by and the rescue mission had come down to last. The return for life to be normal was far more years away. Robert thought to himself it was time to make things clear. He decided to talk to Petra about what happened and about the little blond girl. At the end of the day they came together in their tent and Robert asked her if it was the right time for them to talk about how things happened.

“ We can talk on our way back home “she said with a smile”. I have arranged a place for us in a plane by Red Cross, which is going to take us home as soon as we are ready.”

Robert looked at her with his eyes wide open waiting reality to hit him like a hammer beating on a nail: “ I feel strange about this place to tell you the truth but it is a promising place that helped me realize more about myself and the relaxing people around us make me want to stay but after all it is a good idea to go back home in Boston. We have a lot to share on the way”. Robert said and relaxed with a sigh.

Next morning Petra and Robert got themselves together and were on their way to the plane arranged by The Red Cross. They lost all of their belongings but the American Embassy recognized them as citizens during their work with the people who went through that unexpected earthquake.

Both of them were smiling on their way to the plane and the thoughts wandering in their minds were the same, they both knew why they got here and their mission was completed with honors. Robert was aware that Petra carried all the answers he wanted to know and Petra, on the other hand had good surprising answers for her friend Robert.

Their trip was short to the airport where the plane was present. Robert felt happy to be on his way back home. They finally arrived and got settled in the plane, which was ready for take off to U.S of A. It was a cargo plane destined to New York to bring supplied aid by the Americans for the people of India. They were the only two passengers on an empty plane, which is going to return to Delhi with full load.

Petra was ready to answer Robert’s questions, which will make her really tired to answer because Robert did not know what Petra knew. On the other hand she wanted to let him know about everything.

“It was the light of truth” said Petra holding Robert’s hand while the plane cut through the thin air on 30,000 feet.

“I feel secure about what the light of truth shows me. It is my reality and awareness, the light of truth is preparing me for reality which is going to hit me.” He sound a little insecure of his own presence, his insight was lacking a big piece as if it was torn out of him and the answer he was looking for was scary enough before it came out of Petra’s lips. 

“The little girl was your dream, she is the meaning of your life, you made her unaware with the girl whom you got her love from her withering heights. She was your pure light of truth informing you about a reality that you are unaware of.” Said Petra looking sharp into his eyes.

“You mean I have a mission which is to find her.”

“Yes, this is the definition of what is puzzling you and causing all the problems within your mind.”

Robert dived into a deep silence looking but not focusing, just staring into his emptiness, as if he was looking but not seeing anything. He paused for a while and he began to think how and why such thing happened. Then suddenly he saw the little blonde girl image in his mind. He was looking inside the plane but he could only see the image of the little blonde girl, his own, lost daughter.

Petra knew her so well. That was why she did not see Robert as he saw her. They were good friends to begin with and Petra paid good attention to not to take it forward because she was Robert’s guide in light.

“She had a exact twin sister and you did not know that. After one of the twin sister was pregnant they changed places and the twin sister was taken away from the withering heights and moved to South America.”

Robert listened with patience and he was amazed by the facts told by Petra.

“Yes!” he yelled. He recalled a letter written by her. The letter said:

-  Somebody cried inside me and the tears went inside. The angel on your left shoulder made a deal with the devil. The angel on your left shoulder knew it was wrong because the devil was too good to her. However, it did not matter I left the door open for you and the energy of the tears got inside. It is burning inside with your flame. –

Now he knew what it meant. She was actually explaining that she was pregnant. At the time he read the letter he was unaware of everything but her love although later he threw away all of her letters by tearing them into pieces and the reason…….the reason was that he thought she did not know what he wanted and his world evolving around him caused him to do such a thing. He simply had not got and reason….and that was the reason.

            Petra touched his face with her soft hands and Robert flashed back into the plane and back to where he was.

“Do you want to talk about it? This is just the beginning of your time.”

“Yes, I want to but I loved two different girls that looked exactly like each other and I think I was fooled by them. This is giving me a lot of pain in my heart.” 

“Your time has begun as I said. It is your decision to turn back time and it is not going to be easy. It is going to take time and energy from you.”

“That is a fact. I do not think I can take it anymore. It looks as if I have suffered enough because of my naivety and I think if I am a father, it looks as if the mother does not need me so far. So there cannot be a family as I imagine now. It will make me suffer and I do not need anymore pain in my heart.”

Robert was more than confused at this point with what Petra had told him. The flames inside him was destroying his insight into pieces. He did not know how to live with such truth. There were thoughts coming to him in thousands of directions along with the flashbacks of the times he spent with the twins. He did not want to believe but the reality hit him after all this suffering and damnation. He felt like an unwanted child of a family left out in the darkness of the big city, he had not got any where to go. He had to make a plan and began to search for options in his mind. He did not know who to ask and what to make out of what he found out today. He rest his head on the back of the seat and closed his eyes. He felt as if he did not exist but there was only one way to find out. He had to go by the book, The Light of Truth, and he fell asleep on the uncomfortable seat of the plane, not knowing what to do. He knew one thing for sure that he had built up his strength again and decide whether he will follow this mission or just let go and leave everything the way it has been so far. He shook his head as a sign of negativity towards people of this system and what they are up to. He was going to have to deal with all the dirty laundry after he starts digging into this matter. The plane moved among the clouds and Robert was half asleep and half dreaming, he almost forgot who he was.

The plane made the final touchdown for landing and now it was on its way to the airport. Petra and Robert seemed happy to be back home but the thoughts and ideas were eating Robert from the inside.

“Would you like to spend the night here in New York?” She asked with a calm and soothing voice. Robert was having hard times speaking about anything. He was in despair and doubted everyone and everything around him. Petra thought it would be much better for him to be back in his apartment in Boston. Then she arranged a flight for two to Boston and they started to wait. Robert was as if he was mute and Petra did not feel uncomfortable with his situation.

“I have to be left alone in this matter. I do not need anybody.” Robert said suddenly.

At that moment Petra was about to leave him there on his own because she was really offended with his words. Then she thought after such an event it was impossible to trust people and that there were all kinds of people everywhere in the world.

“This is your choice but do not forget that I know about this more than you do. What happened to all that love you had for me? It suddenly disappeared or what? She asked with desperate eyes. She wanted to be a part of Robert’s mission.

“And now you are asking me for love after telling me the story of my life that I was not aware of. Do you think it is possible to love someone when you are in my shoes? I refuse to talk to you for the rest of the trip. This is one of the turning points of my life. You were not there for me on time. Therefore, you will not be there in the future either. I need some time alone to get my head together.” Robert was silent and Petra looked at him with her emerald eyes and Robert tried to hide his eyes from her. He did not need any further discussion about this subject.

After waiting two hours in silence at the airport their flight to Boston took off. It took about one hour to reach Logan Airport. They got into separate taxis on their way home. Robert had a plan already. The Light of Truth was calling for him again. He was going to place the seed of meditation as the first thing as soon as he went home and yes there was a long journey waiting for him to start his mission.  

To be continue...

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