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Good morning FM-2030

A fictional interview by Bircan ÜNVER

                                                                                                             Year 2030, Arizona


It was thirty years ago and I was working at New School, Audio and Video department as a videographer in New York City. Our chief of staff, Brian Kase asked me if I read the article on the “Obituary page” in New York Times about FM-2030. At first I thought it must have been a movie or a space ship, then I thought it was a code name or something like that but the answer was no because I have not read the article. Right after I read the article in the New York Times on July 11, 2000, which was about his body’s suspension until the year 2030. Then his beliefs cryonics suspension, and possibly physical immortality struck me..

Then I was so much effected by his philosophy that I dreamt about chronically suspense myself for a time being. Then I was not able to decide about at what age I could do it! As if asking to myself, is 50 or 70 a good age to do it. (Here I did not consider taking into attention that I legally had to be pronounced dead physically) Then I thought about writing my personal manifesto for every five years which led me to remind myself that 1 year before FM-2030 wakes up, I will be 70 years old. Maybe after writing about the my personal manifesto of age 70, then I could apply it to myself. 

Fortunately, I had to wait and delay such attempt until I say good morning to FM-2030, wishful thinking he will be back to spread light on the face of the earth. Now I am 71 years old and FM-2030 is around 100 years old but he looks as fresh as 50 years old…  

A great deal number of Internet sites and satellite broadcasting channels are announcing the news about the revising process and return of FM-2030 to life.

"Good Morning FM2030!"

I wanted to tell him "Good Morning" from 30 years ago and just like him asking to live in 2030, I planned to live this moment from 30 years ago, from three years before and after his return to first life, I had the chance to make this interview after a long hardship.

Here I was standing in front of him. Time has not passed by for him and we have changed places and grew older just like in the movies. He, looked healthier and younger from that of 30 years ago. His body was adapted to life and was making the final preparation to start a dynamic life. From that day on FM-2030 became a myth and a question of wonder. Thus, I would like to share with you this first encounter with him after he returned to life with a great passion and expectation...

* * * * *

Good morning, FM-2030 you have achieved what you have planned along with your name.. How do you feel today?

- Wonderful…

- Ever since you went to sleep thirty years ago, what is the first thing that you remember?

-I did not understand that despite the speed of the evolution the earth and the space covered, and the human beings on any level of life did not show any sign of adaptation to this development and philosophy. I had constantly questioned this contradiction in my mind at that time.

- Within the last thirty years of medical science has been the slowing down of aging, prolonging the life and finding remedies for deadly diseases, can you say that you represent a power of development about the same subject?

- I think I have added a little bit. Because 30 years ago millions of people died from cancer or other deadly diseases. Medicine did not have the solution for most of the diseases like that. For this reason I took 30 years off and remained until 2030 so that medicine could find cure for these diseases. But of course being in the cryonics suspension period is also a part medical experiment that brought an acceleration to medical research.

- At that time, one of your remarkable predictons of the future was:
"Millions of years from now-
whereever we are in the Universe-
whoever we are-
however we look-
we will always remember these years."

(Source: www.fm2030.com)

Based on this statement, what kind of memoirs is it going to be? What kind of prospect will these memoirs bring to that piece of life and planet, and how will it relate the future as of today?

20th century; with the “scientific history of human being”, “monkey –human being” an evolution, the evolution and development may be evaluated at the very tip of its form. Unless the same century and its tip of its form reaching the whole human being state and its sharing by creating deep valleys and many dimensions. These valleys are such that they come along as a flow of a movie or altogether in a huge picture and preserved in such a balance that the strong may demolish the other willingly or at the spot. For this reason, we accept the beginning of the “evolutionism” as we accept the Big Bang (Stephen Hawking), the formation of the universe. It is possible to evaluate “universalism” the beginning of the “20th century”. Because of this reason, the time frame I talk about these thoughts, millions of years far away from a century, is a planet I am not able to pronounce its name with a different type of biology, where universalizing human beings will never forget their beginning and their search about its meaning.

Although most of your foresights have been realized, the medical science and the biology of human beings had not been brought together and did not cover a long distance in that manner. Because length of life has been prolonged and most of the deadly diseases has their own cure but “aging” and “death” are still a big question. The average age of life has reached beyond 100 but being “immortal” has not yet been understood. Along with these, people inspired by the experiment you went through with the present technology. Thus do you consider that will they also think about being in cryonic suspension, and then themselves to wake up 1000 years later? 

Human beings in this century will capture “immortality” in way not seen ever before. Today sleeping and waking up a thousand years later will be available physically or by the transformation of different planets; after being in cyronic suspension for a thousand years and waking up with technology of today does not have the guarantee to take place but it is worth to try. 

-       Now, what is the first thing you wish to accomplish?

-       Enjoy life, and after travel space with my loved ones…

- . -

FM-2030: Futurist, Optimist and Philisopher

His original name is F.M Esfandiary, born in 1930. In 1970, through legal ways because he planned to live longer than a hundred years and he changed his name to FM-2030. Although his body got beaten by Pancreas cancer, because he wanted to live 100 years, he made a life insurance agreement with ALCOR Foundation for one hundred thousand Dolars, for cryonics suspension his brain and hoping in the year 2030 to return back to life.

With this agreement, he has been in cyronics suspension at Alcor facilities since July 11, 2000 to return back to life in the year 2030.

FM-2030; In New School University (used to be New School for Social Research), initiated “Future” department and gave lessons about foresights and theories of the future. At the same time he taught in California University, Los Angeles and Smithsonian İnstitute. “Identity Card”, “Optimism One”, “Up-Wingers”, “Telespheres” and “Are you a Transhuman?” are his basic titles of the books he has written.

His articles were published in New York Times and Los Angeles Times. He was able to speak French, Arabic, Hebrew and English. FM-2030 was born from an Iranian Diplomat family because of his father’s job he lived in eleven different countries until he was seventeen, he does not consider himself being from Iran or any other country, he considers himself as a “world citizen”. One of FM-2030’s foresights is as follows: 

“If you are healthy in the year 2010, you have a high percentage of living through 2030. If you are still alive in the year 2030, it does not matter how old you are because it means you will live the future and remain eternal.”

And with this aim of his, he will be kept in cryonics suspension himself until then.


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Translated from Turkish into English by Babur ALBAYRAK

Fall-2000, 4th issue of the Light Millennium dedicated to FM-2030. The original version of above fictional interview was written in Turkish and published in the ISIK BINYILI: Fall-2000, 4th issue.

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This issue is dedicated to the legendary author and scientist Sir ARTHUR C. CLARKE for his 85th Birthday...


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