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The Paper

by Ismail COMERT


When I came to (here) in new-york city in usa first time, of course every body recommeded me some paper which able to be read. But, I did got my-own way for this selection, I bought different papers for every day and read them all very well. Like everybody, I figured/saw out that there was/is one of them was/is very different, more beautiful. You know it is the New-York Times. The Wall Street Journal, you may think it is as a section of the the NYtTimes I think.

After a year-and a half, when I moved to a far New-York's city, there I couldn't find the Times every day. So, I could not read it everyday. I either bought a local paper or else. To read them was very easy  with a litte strange feelings because, no-more new vocabulary, no-more progressive emphasises in writings, no-more global news belong to their importance like the New-York Times, like the USA today.. etc. I mean i was emphasising not only theses but also usages on better grammer structures.

I don't compare the paper to the book. The book are always better than the papers for anyway/for anyhow. I got the books are always as teachers for the new words, new grammer structures, new and creative thoughts. No-body can claim that a paper is better than a book. Because, as first , a paper is not a book. Secondly, a paper can just structure  a way/a road to a book documetation/or for a book perperation. So, I m thinking/ describing/locating the New-York Times  between a paper to a book.

But, I don't understand that why the Times is very expensive on sundays unlike weekdays and saturdays. Actually, there were/are many ad.(s) brochures/booklets of which provide big money to the NYTimes budget. The ad.(s) brochures/booklets  are supposed to bring the prize is low/ to lower. At this point is faked by the NYTimes' financing management I think.

In the USA,  I saw the paper looks like very different than my country. No-more lie or un-logic comments, No-more colourish, no-more dis-graded pictures, no-big sizes or many sizes ugly pictures published besides the news as if. Who can able to see/realize/observe my meant this shames/ diffrences, you'd better to go to watch to my country is (in) Turkey. We, the Turkish people, need to help to the Turkish media (to the journalists) to let them to see/ to get /to read/to observe/to realize the foreing media/news papers. So, I believe that they could able to imagine that how a paper could get the quality/the property/ the ethics.

About the Turkish journalism, I ve been comparing over to the Playboy magazines styles in here but, they were/are not alike. I' ve been comparing over to the gossip magazines styles in here but, they were/ are not alike. I've been comparing over to the USA papers styles in here  but, they were/are not alike....  So, I mean the Turkish papers/media were/are matchless with theirs. I gave up to find the else  similiar to or familiar with.

I am thinking that I would have to tell this is an exception that there is a main paper in there in my country, of course. But, I'd like to see the all papers are like it, are like here, are respectfull, ethical, full-filled news, not like photo albums, not like miss globe competitions news. The Zaman Newspaper, if you are in Turkey, even you maybe Turkish, when you read it, you'll feel, you are going to get that you are learning more things more, you are learning more new words more in Turkish.

The NYPOST can let you busy in trains, an ordinary reader can ride it during a day. The Time readers knows that it is a radical fillings, a section of it. But, it is very qualified than the daily news. In the early time you can see the daily-news dropped/left to the train stations because it already read, take it don't hesitate, you may clear your chair or/ maybe you stop by  a rest room so, it would be needed for you.

The USA TODAY, I prefer to buy it later then the New-York Times. First of all, a national news and better grammer usage, better word usage, nice page-design, clear print, good sectioned.

The Boston Globe, looks The New-York Times style but, just looks like that. Not heavy/full like the NYTimes. Not-so fluency writings, not-so close aproaches, not clear print- a come-off ink/ or muffle powder. More pages, more sections but, cheap. I m buying/prefering it before than would buy the the Boston Herald.

s/yours ismail comert

© October 2002

This issue is dedicated to the legendary author and scientist Sir ARTHUR C. CLARKE for his 85th Birthday...


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