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2008-2009 - RUMI & CLARKE Inspirational Writing Awards Project
RUMI & CLARKE Inspirational Writing Awards - Light Millennium" <>

Open Invitation to Schools & Educational Institutions for Participation in:

An Anticipated Annual Project

(In this page - Full text)
- Preface
- Objective
- Time frame of the project
- Anticipated Events
- Awards
- Designating the Award Winners
- Who will be awarded?
- Prerequisites for submissions
- Minimum words required for essays
- Suggested Sources for Inspiration

- Contact


Light Millennium ("LM") is proud to launch its new "RUMI & CLARKE Inspirational Writing Awards Project" as an OPEN CALL TO ALL globally in conjunction with educational institutions and after school programs at local levels.

This unique project coincides with the 800th Birthday of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207 - 1273), which is also inspired by internationally 2007-RUMI YEAR (UNESCO), and legendary living author and scientist Arthur C. Clarke's 90th Birthday (December 16, 2007).

"Awards" part of the program solely aims to encourage and involve students actively in inspirational writing process based on RUMI & CLARKE's visions with a hope that RUMI & CLARKE's visions will help connect students at both local and global levels with Eastern and Western philosophies and will greatly serve removing prejudice from both parts towards one another as well as from students' minds.

For this very reason, this project has both local and global purpose and perspective. For the local part of the project, we are seeking to collaborate with schools/educational institutions at levels from elementary and after school programs (from elementary to high schools) to college and universities.


The Light Millennium is honored and excited to present an annual Writing Awards Project which will build a bridge between the 13th Century Middle Eastern philosopher and poet Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI, and a Western visionary, pioneer scientist and legendary author Sir Arthur C. CLARKE, who has marked the 20th and 21st centuries with his visions. This project aims to encourage children and youth, from elementary school to the university levels, to generate positive ideas with regard to connecting the East & West. Through a writing contest based upon RUMI's & CLARKE's visions in literature, arts, science, and the future, LM endeavors to foster a bridge between EAST & WEST, which will promote mutual understanding, as well as cultural exchange and enrichment among the young generation.  With the "Awards" part of the project, we encourage young people from all ways of life to be part of this project, in a celebration of these "Two Universal Men"s

For the first year (2007), we aim to collaborate with at least one elementary, one middle, and one high school, as well as one college or university.  However, the project will be open to ALL globally via On-Line submissions and to all students from elementary to university level.

We would be interested in collaborating with your educational institution for procuring writing submissions from your students.

Time frame of the project:

-Fall 2006 Issue of the Light Millennium> Launching it via Internet and promoting it on the organization's Web site

-Deadlines for e-publications of the submissions (all submissions will be posted to the Light Millennium's Web site or on a newly dedicated Web site for this project, and selection will be made based on all submissions within each school category.) Tentatively closing date for participations/open submissions is October 23, 2007:

Submissions will be posted into below issues according to submitted dates:

For the LM's 7th Anniversary Issue:
- Deadline: March 15, 2008

For the Fall-07 Issue:
- Deadline: October 15, 2008

Anticipated Events:

We aim to organize 2 events based on this project and all related submissions:

1) In collaboration with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations - In December 2008 or Spring 2009,

2) An Awards Ceremony during the first week of December 2009 or Spring 2009.

* * * * *


Awards will be given to the students who best contribute to connect RUMI & CLARKE's visions, linking East/West as well as presenting ideas on either removing prejudice both from Eastern and Western cultures or helping understand each other better. The pieces which reflect these qualities in an inspirational and original approach will be recognized, promoted in all the follow up publications/activities of the organization as well as be awarded.

Designating the Award Winners:

- All submissions will be posted to the Light Millennium/or to a newly designed and dedicated independent Web site for this project based on available sponsorship.

- The pre-selection from each category up to 10, will be made by the LM-BoD & Representatives and also by taking into consideration any suggestions made by the Light Millennium's readers we may have via e-mail.

- An On-Line Panel/Juror Committee will be formed by experts, academicians and professionals within the fields of science, literature, and arts such as photo-essay. The final decision will be made by the jurors based on the first selected 10 submissions for each category of school in order to designate the Award Winners.

Who will be awarded?

The awards will be given to:

- 3 Students (1 from Elementary; 1 from Junior High School; 1 from High School): The content of the award TBA

- 2 Students from university/college: The content of the awards TBA

Based on available sponsorships, additional awards will be provided such as:

- A published/printed book from selected pieces based on RUMI & CLARKE Inspirational Writing Project submissions: If this is possible, we aim to present the book to the first 10 finalists of each category at the Awards Ceremony during the first week of December 2007.

- Based on available funds, both projected events (the UN & Awards Ceremony) will be video-taped, and following the completion of its editing, a DVD copy will be presented/sent to all the presenters and contributors of the two projected events.

- A "Participation Certification" will be presented by the Light Millennium organization to the first 10 finalists from each category.

- An Awards Ceremony will be organized to honor and recognize the winners publicly and in the media, and the awarded pieces will be presented during both events by its authors.

- Based on each new collaboration or sponsorship, all submitted pieces will be announced through the organization's Web site as well as over the Internet.

Prerequisites for submissions:

- NO ENTRY FEE, and each students could participate up to 3 pieces..
- Elementary and Middle School participants must read from both RUMI & CLARKE at least three essays and three poems. High School and Collegeparticipants must read from both RUMI & CLARKE at least one book.
Participants should develop their ideas and connect those with East/West as well as their own perspective. Each submitted piece (essay, article, poem, story, fiction, interview, any format students choose) should reflect at least two quotes/ideas from both RUMI & CLARKE. Students may choose/refer to more than two ideas/quotes from each if they wish.

Minimum words required for essays:

* Elementary Schools
(4 & 5th grade - age 9-12): 300-600 words
* Junior High Schools (age 12-15): 350-600 words
* High Schools/ Equivalents (age 15-18): 600-800 words
* College/University students (age 18 - 25): 1000-1500 words

- Required length for poetry: From one stanza up to maximum 2 pages.

- Language (for Awards part of the project): English

- Language (for open On-Line participations): English & Turkish
(Turkish submissions will be e-published on ISIKBINYILI.ORG)

- Font: 12; Arial or Verdana.
- Writing Style: Free
- Submissions: Free

All submissions should be sent with a Word or Text file attachment via e-mail, including a brief biography of the participants (150-200 words) and a jpeg portrait with his/her full name, school, grade & age information, e-mail and mailing address.

To have your school participate in this exciting project, please see the contact information provided below:

Suggested sources for Inspiration:

-By Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI: The Essential RUMI, Translation by Coleman Barks.
- By Metin and Talat Sait Halman: Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi and The Whirling
Dervishes' Sufi Philosophy
- Whirling Rituals - Poems of Ecstasy - Miniature Paintings. (1992) Editor: Salim Sengil.

-By Sir Arthur C. CLARKE: Childhood's End (Editions: 1953, 1990, 2001) &
Profiles of the Future. (Editions: 1963, 1972, 1982)
Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! Collected Essays 1934-1998 (December 2000)

Students' own choices over the Internet or their own searches are WELCOME.

Note: We will be seeking two co-producers and assistants, and also volunteers and interns who are willing to help us connect with various schools for this project follow by it is fully introduced/launched on the LM's Web site and over the Internet.


Project Concept, Producer & Director:
Bircan Ünver
Co-Producer: Figen Bingül

For more information please e-mail to: /or

-- Please type in your subject line as: RUMI & CLARKE. 

* Project created and proposed by Bircan Ünver, Light Millennium A Charitable - Public Benefit Organization;;

* The organization  has associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations effective on December 12, 2005, and seeking collaborations to involve of students to the United Nations based on projects. - - -
Since August 1999 - New York.

For more information on the Light Millennium's web site, please see:

- Introduction/Concept
(July 2006)

- Two Universal Men
(December 17, 2005)

For the updated SUMMARY of the Project as Word File>

Above project was promoted and e-distrubuted over the Internet on Mon, 2 Oct 2006.
Targeted dates updated on December 2, 2007 by Bircan Unver.

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