Jazz  with Audio Fact with Tiger Okoshi and Okay Temiz

Saturday, May 12, 2001
1:00 pm
The Blue Note Jazz Club
131 West 3rd Street
New York, NY  10012

Performing highly original and energetic jazz, Audio Fact, Okay Temiz, and Tiger Okoshi collaborate on a tour de force jazz event featuring jazz-rock fusion, improvisation, world music-inspired compositions, and original interpretations of jazz classics.

Known for its inventive and dynamic approach to jazz, Audio Fact performs a modern fusion of original jazz, Turkish and world music-influenced composition, and improvisation.  This inventive group has learned ways of adopting the different tuning systems of Turkish and Western music within the borders of Western music composition, improvisational, and performance practice traditions.  The use of fine-tuned keyboards, fretless electric guitars, natural trumpets, and reeds result in highly original music that is at the same time very warm and familiar.

Founded in 1997 by guitarist Onur Turkmen and keyboardist Mehmet Sanlikol, Audio Fact features Ryan Woodward on tenor and soprano saxophones, Fernando Huergo on electric bass, and Cengiz Baysal on drums.  This diverse group of young musicians, all of which are accomplished in their own right and alumni of the Berklee College of Music, has won international praise for its unique and energetic sound, and has performed at festivals in Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Europe, Turkey, and Cyprus.  In addition, Audio Fact has recently recorded a record produced by Aydin Esen, the acclaimed musician and producer. 

Accomplished percussionist Okay Temiz, like Audio Fact, is known for his ethnically inspired take on jazz.  Performing modal jazz improvisation with Turkish and Oriental music forms in uneven time signatures, Mr. Temiz started his professional music career in 1955 at the age of sixteen when he set out to tour Turkey and North Africa playing the drums in Turkish show groups.   Over the years, Mr. Temiz has come a long way from his colorful beginnings, and has collaborated with renowned American trumpet player Don Cherry, and worked with Dexter Gordon, George Russel and Clark Terry in Denmark and Sweden.  In 1972 he helped found the Swedish-Turkish group Sevda, which he left and rejoined in 1973.  In the mid-1970s he formed the group Oriental Wind, which brought Eastern and Western instruments together to create an interesting synthesis of musical forms, fusing jazz with the Eastern makam scales. 

Mr. Temiz’s experimentation has brought him to the forefront of the world music scene; in 1991 his album Fis Fis Tziganes was number three in the charts, and his Green Wave album is in the collection of all world music DJ’s.  In 1993 he released Magnetic Band, which featured a fusion of African and South American beats with traditional Turkish melodies.  He has since released eight additional recordings and has performed at approximately 3300 concerts and participated in 350 festivals in his 34-year-long jazz career. 

Mr. Temiz is a graduate of the Ankara State Classical Music Conservatory and the Tophane Arts Institute in Istanbul, where he studied classical percussion and tympani.  He is also a Renaissance man of sorts in the music field, in that he not only performs on a number of instruments, most notably percussion and tympani, but he also makes many of them! 

Tiger Okoshi, came to the United States in 1972 for his honeymoon and never returned to Japan, instead opting to cash in his and his wife's return tickets and enroll in the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Mr. Okoshi's spontaneous decision paid off - he graduated summa cum laude in 1975 and went on to become a living jazz legend, described by JazzTimes magazine, as "a formidable and tireless presence on the jazz fusion scene."

Inspired to take up the trumpet at age 13 when a friend took him to see Louis Armstrong, Mr. Okoshi soon immersed himself in mastering his newfound love.  As his childhood passion matured, Mr. Okoshi has amassed a lengthy resume: he has performed with the Mike Gibbs Orchestra and shared the stage with the legendary Bill Evans Trio, toured the United States with the Buddy Rich Orchestra, taught at Berklee, recorded Times Square on ECM records, featuring Roy Haynes and Steve Swallow, and toured the world with Gary Burton.  He has also played with George Russell’s Living Time Orchestra and has recorded with Bob Moses. 

Mr. Okoshi records regularly and has released several successful albums, including Echoes of a Note and Color of Soil.  Mr. Okoshi's music is centered on a jazz-rock fusion, and is influenced by Miles Davis.  He is also well known for his tribute to Louis Armstrong, Echoes of a Note, which reinterpreted Armstrong's Dixieland standards. He is currently an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, an executive advisor at the Koyo Conservatory in Japan, and a JVC recording artist.  His philosophy on music promises more great things to come; he says, "It is a long process to become the musician that you want to be.  I haven't gotten there yet; it's a long journey." 

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