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NO New Nuclear Targets... NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space... NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture.. .NO Nuclear Testing...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Light Millennium TV

Below, the Board of Directors and decision-makers of the Light Millennium. The Board of Directors elected during our first official Board Members Meeting of 2008 & Annual Meeting on March 28, 2008 in New York City.

We are thankful for the commitment and dedication of the previous Board of Directors Burak ALPASLAN, Assoc. Prof. Akif KIRECCI and Prof. Edward FOSTER, and welcoming to Ms. Humeyra KOÇAK as a newly elected board member.

We formed an Advisory Board during the 2006 Annual Meeting in order to create new bridges and collaborations with other institutions such educational institutions, Non-Governmental and Civil Society organizations, academicians, professionals as well as corporate world and the government agencies. Assoc. Prof. Akif KIRECCI and Prof. Edward FOSTER now joined to the Advisory Board.

Based on our latest Board of Directors Meeting (October 3, 2008), we are seeking to expanding and more empowering the BoD from various cultural and professional backgrounds in order to establish diversity representatives within the BoD as well as for the sustainability of the organization with a diverse and inclusive participation from various professional disciplines and cultural backgrounds globally.

Our Annual Meeting will be held during the third week of May 2009 (details TBA). If you are interesting to join to the organization's Governing Body, or to the Advisor Board or as a Pro-Bono Professional, or Volunteer Representative or Volunteer Staff, or as Translator, or Production/Program aspects of the organization, please indicate your interest area in the subject line among your resume, and e-mail it to us:

We are looking forward to receive your resume in this regard.

WELCOME to all new potential members, volunteer representatives, staff and participants to the Light Millennium organization...

* * * * *

Founding President:
Bircan Ünver, Independent TV Producer & Freelance Writer

Vice President:
Prof. Sam P
aley, Buffalo University

Secretary General:
Figen Bingül, Translator

Humeyra Koçak, Finance Sector

Board of Directors:
Bircan Ünver, Independent TV Producer & Freelance Writer
Prof. Sam P
aley, Buffalo University
Figen Bingül, Translator

Humeyra Koçak, Finance Sector

Advisory Board
(For Description of the Adivsory Board - Please see the June 6, 2006 MINUTES):

- Etem Erol, Professor in Middle Eastern Studies, Columbia University, New York.
- Sultan Catto,Professor and Executive Officer - PhD Program in Physics, The Graduate Center The City University of New York
- Talat S. Halman, Professor in Literature Department of the Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
- Hayrettin Kilic, Founder, Green Thank for Trunch Foundation, New Jersey.
- Stephen Kinzer
. Former New York Times Foreign Correspondent and Professor in Journalism in Northwestern University in Illionis.

Executive Producer & Director: Bircan Ünver

* Light Millennium's representatives for the Department of Public Information of the United Nations:
- Main Representative: Bircan Ünver
- Alternate Representative: Kurt Heyl
- Youth Representative: Merve Arabaci, NYU - Student

* Editors/Proof Readers Committee for the Light Millennium:

- Emily Alp
- Ayça Bahçe
- Figen Bingül

* Translator committee:
We are forming "Translator Committee", and seeking additional translators from English to Turkish & Turkish to English. For more information>

Indian-American Community Representative:
Nivedita Bangolore Chaprandra

Special Project Coordinator @Stevens
Prof. Edward Foster

Documentary Projects (depending on availability of required fundings):
Cadirhoyuk - Documentary Project's Principal Advisor:
Dr. Samuel Pamuel
Dr. Ron Gorny

- Parade of Faces: Who Speaks for Turkey?
With Stephen Kinzer

Media Relations:
Bircan Ünver, Figen Bingül

Charities & Annual Report of 2006-2007:
Sixto Lopez, EA
H & R Block
(Professional Service)

Transcriptions of this issue:
Beatrice Almonor
Aysel Toprakli

Translations from Turkish to English for this issue:

Figen Bingül

Special Thanks To:
Richard B

Representatives & Correspondents of the LM & Isik Binyili (Turkish version):
New York City: Humeyra Imirzalioglu Kocak, Nivedita Bangolore Chandrappa, and Emily Alp
NY - Youth Representative: Merve Arabaci, NYU - Student
Chicago: Marianne Angersbach Kinzer
North Carolina: Emin Pamucak - LM-South

Seattle - Washington: Asli Omur
New York (Isik Binyili): Aysel Toprakli
New Jersey (Isik Binyili): Arzu Kaya Uranli

LM-Kids & Youth Coordinator:
Fatos Us

LM-South Kid Representatives:
Irem Lara Unal

LM-South Teenager Representative:
Burcu Bozkurt

Ottawa: Mehmet Ali Sulutas

London, UK: Dursaliye Sahan
France: Cuneyt Ayral
Cumbria, United Kingdom: Geraldine Green

LM - Istanbul: Babur Albayrak
ISIK BINYILI - Istanbul: Çigdem Yorgancioglu
ISIK BINYILI - Istanbul: Ali Sarikaya

Dmetri Kakmi

St. Petersburg - Russia:
Dina Televitskaya

Asia Pasific & Sri Lanka:
Nalaka Gunawardene

ISIKBINYILI.ORG - Web Master & Development:
Pelin Bali

Logo originally designed by:
James Fisher
Developed by:
Ayhan M. Duman

Banner for both &; LMTV Logo & Seal Designed by:

Ayhan M. DUMAN (

Association: Department of Public Information of the United Nations
Member: Non Profit Coordination Committee of New York
Registered with: NYCharities.Org; Guidestar.Org; Idealist.Org

For the revious year, please visit>

* * * * *

Submissions any time...

Please email your suggestions, comments and written & visual materials to: or

- For the profile of the organization>
- For the Publishing Policy>

For the Publishing Criteria>

- Description of the Advisory Board>
- Board of Directors & Representatives>

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Introduced on the WEB with its Introductory Issue in August 1999; and officially formed on July 17, 2001.

*Please note: Louise Mercado is no longer with the Light Millennium. Effective on December 31, 2003.

Important Notes

1: All manuscripts submitted become the property of the Light Millennium, Inc. Contributers are solely responsible for the content of their own works.

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(Please also read the "Letter of the Summer-2006 Issue")

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