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An Urgent Call

Ending Threats of Mass Destruction
Today, cities and nations are threatened as never before by weapons of mass destruction.

The events of September 11 have brought home to Americans what it means to experience a catastrophic attack. Yet the horrifying losses that day were but a fraction of what any nation would suffer if a single nuclear weapon were used on a city, or a deadly, contagious disease were set loose in the land.

The peril from weapons of mass destruction is growing.

Even as the great powers have refused to give up their nuclear arms, more nations have built nuclear weapons and threatened to use them. Terrorist groups are now seeking to acquire and use all kinds of weapons of mass destruction.

The threats posed by huge stocks, proliferation, and terrorists can no longer be considered in isolation from one another.

The nuclear powers' refusal to disarm fuels proliferation, and proliferation makes weapons of mass destruction ever more accessible to terrorists.

Despite the end of the Cold War, U.S. administrations of both parties have planned to keep nuclear weapons indefinitely.

Recently, the Bush administration’s Nuclear Posture Review proposed to reduce "active" warheads; but this plan would keep the whole U.S. nuclear arsenal, active plus reserve, at its present size of about 10,000 warheads through 2012.

Meanwhile, President Bush has requested funds to expand nuclear weapon construction facilities and develop "usable" nuclear weapons for a growing list of targets in the third world.

This drift toward catastrophe must be reversed. The time has come to say, Enough!

Enough! to the great powers who hold vast populations hostage to nuclear terror. Enough! to nations that are spreading the threat of annihilation to new regions. Enough! to the terrorists who plan the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Safety from all weapons of mass destruction must be our goal.

We can reach it only through cooperation among nations embodied in binding treaties and agreements.

We therefore call on the governments of the nuclear powers to commit themselves to abolish nuclear weapons
and to set forth plans to move together, step by carefully inspected and verified step, toward this goal.

As a first step, we call on the United States and Russia to reduce their nuclear arsenals over the next few years, tactical and strategic, active and reserve, to 1,000 weapons each.

As a second step, we call on these countries and the other nuclear powers—the UK, France, China, Israel, Pakistan, and India to proceed in the following few years to reduce their arsenals to no more than 100 nuclear weapons each.

As a third step, these nations should separate all nuclear warheads from their delivery vehicles, in preparation for their ultimate elimination.

Simultaneously, the nuclear powers should strengthen the Nonproliferation Treaty by ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban and adopting a Ban on the Production of Fissile Material. The United States should complete talks to end North Korea's missile program, and the UN should institute an effective inspection regime in Iraq. The existing international bans on chemical and biological weapons should be made universal and fortified with stronger means of inspection and verification. Thus, measures to prevent proliferation and terrorist uses of weapons of mass destruction would go hand in hand with nuclear reductions.

Steps to eliminate weapons of mass destruction should be accompanied by steps to reduce the temptation to acquire or use them.

The United States and other countries should redouble their efforts to resolve regional conflicts and prevent conventional war, and to build respect for the rule of law, protect human rights, and promote democratic institutions. And the wealthy industrial nations should launch a new Marshall Plan to help the poorest nations end starvation, illiteracy, and preventable disease, wipe out the burden of debt, and move toward sustainable development and a lasting peace, based on respect for the dignity and worth of every individual.


Within the next few years, the United States and Russia should cut their nuclear arsenals (in the USA, over 10,000 warheads) to no more than 1,000 each, active and reserve, strategic and tactical.

Jane Alexander David Cortright Randy Forsberg Robert Jay Lifton
Julian Bond Amb. Jonathan Dean Joe Gerson Eleanor Holmes Norton
Betty Bumpers Michael Douglas Jane Goodall Jonathan Schell
Joan Brown Campbell Ronnie Dugger Mark O. Hatfield Martin Sheen
Rev. William Sloane Coffin Mark S. Epstein Barbara Kingsolver Admiral Stansfield Turner Jim Wallis

To sign the statement, please send name by email to appeal@urgentcall.org, or by mail to Urgent Call, c/o Fourth Freedom Forum, 11 Dupont Circle N.W. 9th
Fl., Washington D.C. 20036.

May 2002

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