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Darkness & Light


A shadowlander hidden into the shadow of darkness does not get the chance to fight for his own and will never be aware of joy of light unless he gets rid of the shadow or in other words if the light in them wake up and help them take control of their life and destiny to teach them how to fight for light. It is a fact that not so many people of light get this chance. They are usually wasted and disappeared among darkness.

In the beginning god said let there be light and there was light. Before light was the darkness and the people were left in the dark. Those who obeyed the power of darkness learned from their strong dark side that is present in them naturally.

The first power of light struck the earth and began to grow larger and stronger. The dark side was the beginning and was already powerful but ever since the light existed, the children of light were protected and got stronger with its high powers. After the first light some of the people woke up and killed their dark side to become the piece of light. The light grew inside them and they learned from the light growing inside them. That is when the first real war took place. Those who obeyed the darkness and the children of light began to fight and today they are still fighting.

Someday the powers of light and darkness became even and the fair game of today begun. The darkness always called from the depths of the sources of all the people because there was only darkness in the beginning and was present in all the children of light. They learned how to prevent from the darkness using the power of light although they knew darkness was present in them. This was the first step towards suppressing the dark side and a way to reach the pure light.

The high powers of light and darkness clash all the time. They fight for the sources of energies of their own kind. This may happen on every certain level. It could be any kind of clash taking place anywhere and anytime, the darkness and the light fight to improve on one another, whichever is more powerful gets more energy from the other. That is how people of light, the lightlanders and the people of darkness, the darklanders take control of the world and become more powerful and has more control to rule the world.

Some of the lightlanders do not know how to fight with their powers because they are not aware of their abilities to fight with darkness, and they are captured by their dark side, that keep them away from any clash that may occur because they are the children of light that are weak and helpless, slowly they give up the light and their dark side which is under control by darkness that take control of their destiny and they become unaware of light. They lose control of their abilities for a clash. Darkness leaves them in a shadow because a child of light cannot join the powers of darkness, the light rebuilds them, and it is not possible to change a lightlander to a darklander. Shadow makes them weak and helpless. They are left to live in the shadow of the powers of darkness. The darkness hides them from the power of light. They are called the shadowlanders.

A part of darkness deals with the matters of shadowlanders with light who are left out in the shadow. Because they are helpless and they are not even aware of the fact that they live in the shadow of darkness that control their life and destiny. These people who make the shadow of darkness over the lightlanders try to kill the light and destroy the enemy within very quietly and easily which gives the darklanders the ability to get stronger and move up on their energy level that leads them to cover more energy to make the darkness take more control of the universe.

A shadowlander hidden into the shadow of darkness does not get the chance to fight for his own and will never be aware of joy of light unless he gets rid of the shadow or in other words if the light in them wake up and help them take control of their life and destiny to teach them how to fight for light. It is a fact that not so many people of light get this chance. They are usually wasted and disappeared among darkness.

For both sides, after every clash, one gets to learn more and information is given and with the information they get to move up on their world to higher ranks of their own kind.

A clash between darkness and light are two opposite sides that when they are brought next to each other (when they clash) reaction and opposing occurs. Just like the poles of a magnet. They fight for the energy between the poles which are darkness and light because the space caused by the clash contains some energy and who ever is able to cover this energy in this space gains that energy that contains the hidden information. The information in the space converts accordingly with the side that wins. In other words this space of energy contains information for the both sides. The object is to cover this space and control it with the power of light or darkness.

After the realization of these new powers that a person covers is a key into more information where more energy is stored in the person. Also the dark side of people with light slowly loses control and a new step for further light is taken. Energy is everything the more energy realized the more a person gets active towards the motives of darkness or light according to their favor.

The night is the playground of the darkness because of this; the lightlanders take precaution towards the attack from the darklanders during the night. At first the light does not know what to do because these attacks occur when the light is unaware but the self-teachings of the light, shows the way to prevent it.

The self-teachings of light can only be gained when energy from the clash is realized by the lightlander. At the same time there are many ways to get rid of the darkness. These are present naturally in lightlanders. That is why the lightlanders always fail the first time. The darkness tries to take control and adds energy on the dark side of the lightlander.

The darkness was the first to exist in the world. The first light came on earth with a strong lightning. That was the exact time for the first lightlander to realize what light was. The darklanders were amazed and hid into darkness in their shelter while the lightlanders wandered into the light. That was the first time the lightlanders and the darklanders were separated.

After the first lightning hit the earth and the first fire occurred. Both lightlanders and the darklanders were scared. Then fire was assumed to be holy. None of the sides could approach fire because they were scared. The fire gave light by burning the light and the darkness was affected by the colors of fire. The colors of fire were blue, black, red and yellow but both sides lost energies when they approached it. The only positive matter of the fire was heat. The fire emits the energy of both light and darkness.

Then came the first rain putting out the fire. Both sides were surprised because they could not realize how it happened. Suddenly the fire was out and it was not able to emit the energy floating in the air.

The darklanders lived with their mysterious powers. Sometimes they are stronger than the lightlanders and manage to defeat the powers of lightlanders and gain the energy. So far there has been an even flow among the energy level of both sides. That is why they fight with each other. They want to get more than the other and rule with their powers.

Each side, both lightlanders and darklanders have to get stronger from that of others because of their nature. One side has to get stronger than the other because there is energy gained at the end of each clash, they happen to gain energy which make them return to their source and learn more about the secret and holy information to survive in the circle of life.

The circle of life is the Mother Nature. Just like a child learning from their mother both sides has to learn from the energy of the nature and survive for the new comers. The new comers do not need to go through a clash for a while because they are able to learn from experience of their ancestors. The ancestors give them the energy, which they can transfer, but this is a limited energy and there is not much information in it. When the new comer is ready to face a clash they are all by themselves and they fight for their life. They need to cover more energy than the other to stay alive. The light of information grows and gets richer through out one-dimensional time.

The lightlanders and the darklanders keep the circle just by existing. Both sides are a part of nature just like the night and the day. The light would not be able to exist if darkness was not out there. During the sunset while the light of the day ends a massive amount of energy is pulled out of earth. Such energy that everything turns dark but the light resist staying on earth and finally the darkness takes over. Same thing happens during sunrise and light takes over.

Day and night, night and day.

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