NO New Nuclear Weapons... NO New Nuclear Targets... NO New Pretexts For Nuclear War... NO Nuclear Testing...
NO Star Wars... NO Weapons In Space...
NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?



And why? I come along ruthless people before but this was the highest limit. People running after perfection spends a lot of time telling themselves that they are perfect and forget how simple it is to be perfect. They try so hard and spend and waste more and more resources that one-day they run out. I have been there before but I never stepped on people around me. Somehow I have been stepped on by the people around me. I am full of rage towards these people. It is not like I hate them. It is that they hate me, which is the most interesting part. They enjoy stepping on me to make a high of themselves. I cannot be a step of their ladder, which they use to climb up. All the people I know as a friend has done the same thing. Step on one jump up to another one, that simple, works just like a computer game somehow they forget to save their games and start from level one each day. By the time they reach perfection the day comes to end and they are perfect when they go to sleep. Unfortunately they spend their energy on sleeping. They wake up in the morning and everything is in place for them to feed their ego, which is bigger than themselves, and they start climbing. They forget others or the others have not got any meaning for them. They are so called nobody as soon as they start working for them. Just like useless or you have not got any value to begin with, they are used and abused. They out there but I am not going to spend my energy to fight to get things right. Whatever will be, will be. Ego is not child’s play, could be a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. This a major issue, the world is more complicated and becomes more corrupt along with people like this.

I say be afraid who says I am perfect or be afraid when their ego is out of control. The ticket you will get is one way. There is not any return, the negative sight they have leave you with less plus than minus. It will not matter how good you do it, you will end up with nothing, trust me I am sure. So stop trying from the first day, stay away because to start something is not finishing half way for them, for you it is only a waste of energy and time.

And one important notice; DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM by helping them you ruin your own world and you become one of them by helping them serve their purpose.  

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