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Light of Truth
Part -2-


Robert Dim opened his eyes into a pitch-dark, damp room and he was trying put the pieces of events he went through altogether. At the same time he did not know where he was. His clothes were all wet and he was feeling cold. The wooden bed he was lying on was stiff and uncomfortable. He wanted to stand up but his heavy head did not allow him to do so. The confusion he was going through caused him to feel heavy all over his body.

Then slowly the pieces were finding their place in his mind. After searching for Petra all over the place he stayed outside of his body for such a long time that he almost lost his conscious and forget about his body, as if he would not need it at all. He also remembered that he was repeating the verses to go back to his body but again there was an interruption on the pattern. He tried harder and woke up in the middle of a big fire. His body was about to go into flames and at that moment he noticed the river next to him. His wet clothes was telling him that the next move after he woke up in the middle of the flames was to throw himself into The River Ganges where he saved his body from being burned into ashes to be spread all over the river.

Now, he was in this cold and damp room and did not know how he got here. It was a black out moment of time. Robert did not remember what happened. He was feeling a little bit better and managed to stand up. He noticed the heavy iron door and the lines of bars on it, which was simply telling him that he was in a prison cell. He wished to open the door but it was locked. He was imprisoned and did not know why. He did not have much to do so he chose to call for someone to help him out. There was not any sign of life around. He was a bit scared although it is much better to be in a cell rather than getting broiled among the flames. These thoughts made him feel better that he can feel his body and his presence inside it. There was not much to do other than waiting for someone to come and take him out of this dark place.

There were a lot of question marks traveling in his mind. He could not stop asking himself the question of "WHY was he in such a place?" came out on top of all the amazing matters he went through. He was thankful that he managed to return into his body on time although it was a bad experience with all the flames around him. He woke up in the middle of the ceremony prepared by the people who ran away when he suddenly panicked among the flames and threw himself into the river. People around must have thought that he was coming back from the dead. He could not help smiling at the misery of his situation and the panic he caused among the people.

He was still able to think about Petra. He could make his energy travel out of this cell but he could not risk his body again, he might not be as lucky as he was the last time that he elevated himself in the park where his body was not secure. The cell was another insecure place and he did not want to take the risk of burning in the flames again, like the last time.

Robert began to walk up and down in the small cell, which was draining his patience. He was kicking the door from time to time and yelling for someone to hear him. There was not any logical reason for him to be there so he needed somebody to explain him why he was here, why was he imprisoned?

The big door to the hallway that is surrounded by other cells opened with a loud screeching sound. Robert ran towards the door and looked at the person carrying a big bottle in his hand. As the warden came closer, Robert grabbed the bars and shouted:

"Hello, get me out of here, hello..."

The warden carelessly poured the purple colored tea in a plastic cup and handed it to him. Robert was shouting out loud:

"Hey you! Open this door and get me out of here, hey! I want my phone call!"

The warden did not bother, he had not got any meaning on his face, and he looked mesmerized with hypnotized eyes. He left walking through the hallway and screeched the door closed behind him. Robert shouting and yelling to him noticed huge rats running along the hallway and felt very uncomfortable with their presence. They looked like man-eaters with long tails and huge fat bodies.

Robert was really confused and angry because he was not free. He is the type of person who believes in freedom that his freedom ends where others begin. It was very stupid of him to go into trans in the middle of the park. He should have thought that it might have dangerous results such as being imprisoned with prejudice or burning in flames.

The cell was dark 24 hours a day and the big rats making Robert stay awake and alert. After a while he could not help sleeping, maybe it had been days or even weeks he was in the cell and he refused to eat the food they gave him. It looked disgusting anyways but refusing to eat was making him weaker and weaker everyday, all that time without talking to anybody because he was the only one there. He did not hear anyone else from other cells.

He suddenly woke up with the unlocking sound of the door.

"What a lucky break for you! There is somebody here to take you out." Said the chief warden unlocking the door.

They walked out side together through the big door and Robert was really excited to be out of the cell. He followed the warden with slow steps as if he was trying to get his balance organized, it was obvious he was really upset with all the things he went through and he felt the lack of energy. There was Petra with a little blond girl about 2-3 years old, waiting hopelessly. The little blond girl was smiling and she clapped her hands after Robert got into the room. Petra opened her arms and hugged Robert, she was very happy to see him. Robert was very weak and not able to speak. He could not show any emotions although he was taken out. He felt like he was coming out of a noisy crowd and he was about to faint. It was hard for him to arrange himself the way he was before. He forgot all the verses and was back to his tense and nervous mood. They stepped out to get into a taxi to go to the nearest hotel in Delhi. Robert was speechless but curious because Petra was the only one who could explain him what was going on in his life and how he got to this horrible situation. Somehow the little girl was not with them anymore. Robert felt everything is a dream he was having, they were enigmatic, and he did not know what to say. He could not think of a word to speak, each of these words had a thousand meanings in his mind. He chose to keep silent to stop his wandering mind all over the place.

Robert slept for long hours, he lost a lot of weight while he was in prison, and his energy was upset. Petra was waiting next to him; she called in for a doctor who was examining him at the hotel room. Doctor said that he needs to rest for a while and this will help him recover quicker. Robert was in a deep sleep and he was saying "get me out of here" repeatedly, he could barely open his eyes to see where he was. Petra was really worried and did not leave him alone, not even for a minute.

Before Robert Dim was imprisoned he was taken to a hospital before where he was announced dead. The hospital would not accept him again. Everything on him, including his belongings such as his passport were lost or maybe stolen. People did not know what to do with him after taking him out of the river where he was floating half-fainted. They had to leave him to do police which put him into that cell. 

The river was as steady as a lake and there were a couple of people blessing themselves in the holy water of the river according to their tradition. Robert was watching them from the window, looking at the river. Petra has fallen asleep while she was waiting for him so he moved quietly around the room; thinking about the little blond girl came along with Petra to take him out of the prison. Who was she? Where is she now? The question marks in his head were rising more and more ever since he came to India. He wasn't meant to be here, he thought to himself.

He called the room service for breakfast and woke Petra up when it arrived. She was also down after all. They had a good breakfast with a little talk. In fact Robert was full of questions but remained patient because he did not want Petra to know that he has strong spiritual abilities so he waited for her to open the subject. He did not know where to start and acted as if nothing happened.

It was as clear as the daybreak that Petra was up to something. Robert was running out of patience. He could not help asking how and what happened? However, he remained silent because what he went through was shocking enough. After all talking through everything is going to be like living same experiences over and over again. He did not feel good about thinking hard at that moment. 

Petra knew what Robert was working on. He felt his presence the first time he called for her through the process back in Boston, she knew it was him, working on to reach her. It was her instinct that told her what was going on. She put an eye on him from the first minute he stepped foot to Delhi. At those minutes Petra was searching for him as well as Robert was searching for her. They used different techniques but were in search for each other.

They both realized the situation and did not want to talk about it because this was their secret. The process they went through was not something they could talk freely. The eye was watching them and the hills had eyes. They chose to remain silent and were talking by looking into each other as if they were talking. The subject was closed before they mentioned it. They were connected telepathically.

Robert managed to elevate his energy back in Boston but in Delhi, the energy is so high that Robert felt weak and could not manage to find her. He was suppressed with a so high energy that he lost control, at the same time Petra was fighting back to keep him away. She managed to find him before Robert got to her. Petra was inside him while he was wondering the streets Delhi. That was why he could not have elevated his energy. She located him in the park after a couple of more tries with a different technique. It was obvious she already knew the processes and could use them better than Robert.

"In India, your body gets burned and ashes are thrown into the river after 30 minutes you are announced dead!", said Petra with wide-open eyes and she meant it with her sharp harmony of speech.

Robert kept on staring at the river from the window. He was speechless and was not ready to talk about his special talents because he realized Petra has the same abilities as much as or even more than him.

"I am leaving this place that almost turned me into a ghost!"

"You will have a surprise before you leave if you tell me how you managed to know I will be here." said Petra looking into his eyes; she was like forcing him to confess out loud. She insisted on hearing his part of the events he went through although she knew almost everything. Robert was smart enough to not to blow his cover that makes him special.

"I had a lot to share with you so I followed you here. You tell me how you found me in that cell?"

"You have the Light of Truth, you called my name out from the deep." She said with a smile on her face.

Robert was speechless, it must have happened during the meditations before the elevations. He was calling for her during the process. She knew that he was after her.

He kept on looking outside the window instead of her eyes, which make him talk and allow Petra to read his mind. The river lay wide and still. The history of Delhi was so amazing that he was surely glad to be here all of a sudden. Through out the centuries, a memoir of every frame of time of history laid all over the city. Robert was really amazed. He was afraid a little because of the bad events he went through. He had a mission but it was taken away from him by the mystic planning and architecture of this city. He felt alone and helpless which led him to emptiness. He was following his dreams and looking for a way to cast the new spell. At this point he was relaxed and gaining his energy back. He was getting stronger and balancing his energies to take control of his fear and all the spells disappeared as he felt the light growing inside him. As his friend told him that the East was calling for him for a while. He realized that the West gave him nothing but pain.

He tried to recall his friend's name that cast one of the spells on him after telling her about the forbidden dream he had one night. He decide to tell about it to Petra to make her understand that he is only following his dreams and that she was a part of it:

                                                FORBIDDEN DREAM

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. (Revelation chapter 20-1)

The girl, the long pipe, the Indian, and The elevator. These are the contents of a forbidden dream, which I was told not to tell anybody. We always search for the answer to question of why. This is the reason I am going to tell you about this dream. It is about the eye, which is the big question for me. The big question of WHY?

Eye, an organ of vision or of light sensitivity. The vision and the light are the two other items we all are in search for.

Suddenly found myself in an old elevator moving down. There were two other people with me one of them I know and hear that is going to die soon. The other one I barely remember who but I have an idea of who he is. As the elevator moves three of us look at each other and bring out little bags, which has letters of such non-Latin origin on it. While we remain in the elevator we slow the acceleration of it with the help of these bags and everything begins to move slower as soon as we open the bags. We look at each other and smile and the elevator moves down slowly".

These little bags are filled with air and there is something a kind of energy, which only these bags can capture from the air in the elevator, which eventually slows down the elevator going down with us inside. I can feel the elevator slowing down as we open these little bags and turn them up side down where the opening of the bag in my hand faces the floor of the elevator. I also can feel the massive amount of energy in the bag and the motion of the elevator gets slower and slower. It takes a while until we reach the level floor.

As soon as I get out of the elevator I see a dark skinned, white bearded man sitting down. He takes a deep breath and goes up into this chimney like pipe as he was sucked into it. I believe this man was an Indian could be a Native American. He was sitting down with his knees close to his chin and his arm was around his knees. He went up the chimney like a pipe, as he was; he did not change his shape.

Then he came down the way he went up. He was covered with the char in the chimney and he was all black. I look at him and right after him is a blue-eyed girl, looking straight into my eyes. I see myself in her eyes looking at me and she says "THE EYE IS" and I wake up. I have waited almost half a lifetime to get an answer to this question. I am sure she had so much to explain about the eye but unfortunately I had to wake up.

Maybe it is good that I still have to search for this answer. On the other hand if I had heard what she said I would know what nobody knows. Still I know there is something about the eye and I am still searching for it. Someday I will find what I am looking for. I am trying my best to not to forget about it.

Also I am trying to figure out the blue-eyed girl, she also looked like an Indian. Someone I know from before but I cannot figure her out. I have seen so many different types of people all my life and I think she was one of them with the key to the bottomless pit and the great answer I am looking for between her lips...  

Her name is Daryl Jill, according to her interpretation of this dream, Robert had to be here. This was the scream of Light of Truth calling for Robert after he opened the book and started to read it. He was at the right place at the right time. There were more waiting for him in this land of spirituality, which will lead him to his real mission.

He looked at Petra and wanted to tell her that she was the one he was dreaming about. Robert has fallen out of the line to chase his dreams and that she will have the light to get him to his mission. Robert made it clear by telling her about the dream. He was getting himself fine all in one piece. So he started to ask questions, such questions only Petra could answer.

"Who was the little blonde girl next to you?" he asked with wondering eyes.

"The girl is..."

Robert was not able to hear the rest of what Petra was saying because there was a great rumble whilst an earthquake was taking place and they were rushing out of the hotel in panic among others. They ran out safely and were holding each other, watching the weak buildings of Delhi collapsing like paper castles. Petra burst into tears and Robert was bewildered.            

End of Part 2
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