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World Brotherhood Union

Mevlana Supreme Foundation

Since 1993, every year on November 1st in Istanbul, Turkey; World Brotherhood Union – Mevlana Supreme Foundation has been organizing an international gathering, panel and an award ceremony. The award ceremony titled “Call to World Peace From the Universal Brotherhood”, which will be also given on November 1st, 2002 in Istanbul, to those who are deemed worthy on the branches of: Press and Broadcasting, Science and Research, Literature, Performance and Visual Arts, Music, Find Arts, Design and Architecture and Service to Society.

Our Foundation established on 24.05.1993, aims to invite Humanity under the Roof of a Brotherly World by introducing Mevlana Universal Consciousness at home and abroad. And setting out from Atatürk's principle"Peace at Home, Peace in the Universe" without discriminating among Religions, Languages, Genders or Races by preparing Humanity for "Reality of Unified Humanity", it provides the evolution towards Universal Consciousness.

Another aim is by supporting Scientific work and research, to observe celestial information and have it observed, and also to support the scientific work done or to be done about the Universe and Existence in order to cooperate with the establishments serving on this path, in the same direction.

World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation aims to take into effect the activities about publishing the Knowledge Book in different languages at National and International Platforms and in the future years, for the activities abroad, to take part in International Symposiums about Universal Values, to send invitations abroad for the conferences in the direction of the same purpose.

To support all the efforts done for Unification, Friendship and Love on the path of Humanity and to give Awards to the establishments and individuals serving on this path also by organizing conferences seminars, congresses, panels to form the beautiful World Panneau of the Morrows mutually without any wars and full of peace are among the activities of our Foundation

And in this context, every year on the 1st of November by making an organization with the slogan "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood", contribution to World Peace is aimed together with Religious Missions, Non- governmental organizations and Academic establishments on the path of Universal Unification.

Our Foundation has realized its first organization of "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood" on 1.11.1995.

At this very first date when this organization was disclosed as a program to our planet, "Unification of Religions" was the subject matter of the Panel section of the evening which is composed of two sections; the Panel and the Award Ceremony. With this aim, the representative of the American Board Reverend Alain Mc CAIN, Ex-State Minister, Ex-President of Religious Affairs Dr.Lütfi DOGAN, Assistant Chief Rabbi of Turkey Rav. Isak HALEVA, Representing Department of Religious Affairs, the Mufti of Istanbul Selahattin KAYA,  Assist. Patriarch and President of the Spritual Board of the Armenians of Turkey- Archebishop Mesrob M. MUTAFYAN, Representing Fener Greek Patriarchate Prof.  Dr. Metropolitan Atanosios PAPAS, Spiritual President of Istanbul Latin Catholic Community and President of the Board of the Catholic Spiritual Leaders of Turkey His Exc. Louis PELATRE participated at the panel as  representatives of Religious Missions and gave messages of Tolerance-Love and Unification to the World from Turkey.

On the second of the organizations which we realized on 1.11.1996, once again, speakers who would reflect the Religious Unification program participated at the panel. In accordance with this,

Prof. Dr. Niyazi ÖKTEM representing the Foundation of the 500th Year, Monseignor Yusuf SAG on behalf of the Süryani Catholic Church, Father Joseph Alphonse SAMMUT on behalf of St. Antuan Church, Prof. Dr.Metropolit Atanasios PAPAS on behalf of Fener Greek Patriarchate, Mehmet Nuri YILMAZ's representative on behalf of the Departement of Religious Affairs and Prof. Dr. Yasar Nuri ÖZTÜRK as the Panel coordinator. According to the program of opening up to other countries for the first time,  Anthony STRANO from Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was invited.

Starting with 1997, every year a new panel subject was formed and according to this, the subject of the panel in 1997 was "The Effect of  Universal Brotherhood on the Consciousness of the Human Being" and in 1998, "Proposals About How to Put Love and Peace into Application Putting Words Aside". Representatives of  Non-govermental Organizations and Academic Establishments of  Turkey participated at these panels.

On  1.11.1999, at the panel  which we realized on the subject "From Yesterday until Today, the Effects of Cosmic Energies on Human Consciousness in the 20th Century",  the program of henceforth inviting speakers from abroad only, was taken into effect and Uri GELLER from England, Anthony STRANO on behalf of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University were invited to the panel. The Coordinator of the Panel was Prof.Dr. Tolga YARMAN . At the end of the panel section, Uri GELLER  presented an interesting and a very beautiful "Cosmic Consciousness Show" to the guests.

On 1.11.2000, our activity started with the panel this time with the subject "The Calls for Peace-Friendship-Unification Given to the World by World Organizations Who Serve in the World Evolution Project in the Age of Information".

Rev. Carol E. PARRISH, Ph.D. from USA, Menorah CHARNEY from Israel, Simon Peter FULLER from England, Dr. Adwaita P. GANGULY from  India, Prof.Dr. Ahmet INAM from the Middle Eastern Technical University, Dept.of Philosophy - Turkey participated at this panel of ours as speakers, and Rev. Michael U. OKORUWA  from Nigeria could not participate because of his excuse but his speech was read by Assoc. Prof. Ahmet KURTARAN,  the Coordinator of the Panel.

In 1.11.2001, our activity started with the panel this time with the subject "Suggestions and Messages to be given to Humanity on the Path of Unification and Peace in the Globalising World (1)". Our panel on which the subject will henceforth be the same every year,  the Panel Speakers were; Ruth DYTCHES from Israel, David HARRISON  from England, Carolyn HOLTGREWE  from USA and a familiar name from previous years, Anthony STRANO from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and  as in last year, Assoc. Prof. Ahmet KURTARAN was the Coordinator of the Panel.

Every year following the panel section, our Foundation has been giving the award of "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood" to those who are deemed worthy on the branches of;

* Press and Broadcasting
* Science and Research
* Literature 
* Performance and Visual Arts
* Music 
* Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
* Service to Society.

As the first and the only country who has presented its children with a special day of celebration on the 23rd of April every year, we, too are decided to proceed these efforts of ours as much as we are able to until this Universal call of ours which we have been taking into effect with the slogan "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood" is accepted like the 23rd of April has been by all sections of our planet.

World Brotherhood Union - Mevlana Supreme Foundation

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