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We have only one WORLD yet!
If we destroy it, where else can we go to? - 7th issue - Fall 2001

An Urgent Calling for Good Dreams...

Bircan ÜNVER

"The world is my true ration.
Its people are my nation."
--Yunus EMRE

Dear Friends:

Due to attacks made in the heart of America, I was not able to go back to New York and still awaiting here in Istanbul. The news from my own immediate family living in NY is good.

At this time of great tragedy and sorrow, I wish to express my sincere sympathy and grieve to those who lost their loved ones. 

However, still feeling under distracted mind and carrying a heavy heart dealing with aftermath of this human tragedy, I do keep each of us partially responsible. Because we all created bad utopias from time to time or were the supporters of these creations or just simply were the users of these productions or products in our daily lives... 

In last century almost all bad dreams became a reality and still in process of becoming a reality. As well as all good dreams, which are relatively much less and less powerful and had fewer effects. It is time to recapture all good dreams in name of global humanity and earth. Immediately! The inhumanistic plans-dreams have to be replaced with good ones right away. 

Yes, our earth is a sick and aged man and we do destroy every moment a part of it just like an attack made to our own human bodies.  For centuries and particularly in last century, people kingdom created the bad dreams and these dreams became reality rather than science-fiction images or film productions and the realities became the bad dreams. 

I had an urge to share my personal thoughts and reactions with each of you, because the possible retaliation attacks by America made me extremely saddened and concerned for the future of global humanity and environment for possible war and its damages.

As you all know: WE HAVE ONE HUMANITY, ONE EARTH AND ONE FUTURE.. Under the light of these thoughts, I'd like to emphasize the importance of the words by F. Roosevelt "When peace is broken anywhere, the peace of all the countries in danger!" and by Einstein 'Without disarmament, there can be no lasting peace" under spotlight of globalism and hoping the common compassion of all humans in unity.

In this abstract frame, the first in my mind is; if the world and its humanistic sensible individuals could unite to stop the HATRED & REVENGE and wondering how to focus on possibility of: THE END OF BAD DREAMS; CREATING GOOD DREAMS; HOW CAN WE REPAIR THE EARTH AND THE HUMANITY? HOW CAN WE LEAVE A BETTER WORLD BEHIND US?

If we seek various solutions in order to solve major world's problems, then, we may be able to move rapidly in a united and positively transformed platform participated by all nations...

Even if my approach sounds like a single piece of sand in an indefinite shore; I wanted to share my personal thoughts with each of you by believing that even the sand possess the nature within.

All articles containing and analyzing "How to obtain a better TOMORROW FOR ALL HUMANITY AND EARTH" will be published in the upcoming FALL edition of LM..

Bircan Unver
The Light Millennium

Note: The essence of above e-message sent to some friends in Turkish from Istanbul on September 13, 2001.



"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, (NY?)
Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, (WTC) while the fortress endures, (Pentagon?)
The great leader will succumb, (Bush?)
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning." (WW3?)

- Nostradamus 1654

If it's so, "Why do we not change our 'centuries long bad imaginations' with the GOOD ones" starting from this very moment on!!!

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