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We have only one WORLD yet!
If we destroy it, where else can we go to? - 7th issue - Fall 2001

Dear participants & friends:

Hello with our new issue...

We are very excited to present the Light Millennium's new issue under its new status as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization.

Our 7th Fall issue is the very first issue after the incorporation of the project. We have reached this step with your ongoing participations and an increasing attention for the project. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.

This issue is dedicated to such distinguished artists and authors as,

Burhan DOGANCAY: A Retrospective Exhibition in Istanbul, 2001
Stephen KINZER: "Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds", 2001 &
Arif MARDIN: "The Man of the YEAR", 2001

DOGANCAY, KINZER & MARDIN are the bright and shining stars of this year. They are at the pinnacle of their career within a very highly competitive field.

This issue is also our last issue of the year.  We will be celebrating our "Second Anniversary" in the Winter 2001 issue.

News about the Light Millennium project:

Since the 2001 Spring issue, we have taken some great steps forward despite the absence of the Summer issue.

I received the good news via e-mail in July while I was in Izmir, Turkey:  It read

* "Golden Web Award" 2001-2002 for "Excellence achieved in Web Design, Content and Creativity, 2001-2002"

  • I had been working on the legal aspect for almost a year, hoping to officially obtain the "The Light Millennium's status as a Not-For-Profit organization.
  • The first week of August, while I was in Istanbul, the second and greatest news was given by our attorney from New York, who said, "Congratulations, you've been incorporated as The Light Millennium, Inc."

* We had our first "board members" meeting on October 19, 2001, on Friday, at the United Nations Plaza in New York. We have structured our staff and debated primary projects and steps...

* As a total of six issues, our on-line platform has been visited by about 25 thousand people in 74 countries.

  • We have established a volunteer team in New York during our first board members meeting, --and via on-line confirmation--, correspondents from Chicago, Florida, Germany, Greece, France and Turkey.
  • Staff Titles: Yesim OZEL, Vice President, Evren AY, General Coordinator (in charge BY LAWS and CORPORATION LAW), Buket SAHIN, Media Coordinator & Public Relations.  Please see the STAFF page for more information.

The Light Millennium, Inc. aims to establish a strong & passionate editorial, production and technical staff, by volunteers. We are also seeking some sponsors in order to achieve our MISSION.

With each new issue, we invite you to be a part of the e-magazine with your experiences, perspectives, comments, writings or visual arts work. We provide you with a platform to present yourself...electronically and internationally connect you with each other. There is no requirement for an annual fee, subscription, registration or service fee because this is YOUR own platform, and you are the "soul of the project."

Instead of being challenged by any type of marketing approach, we encourage all sorts of creative products and offer a free global platform for all ideas. We are following the rules accordingly to our "corporation law" so that we can provide an international platfrom for the free expression of ideas and experiences in order to foster a global connection among all people! 

The next issue will be published in the last week of January.
Deadline for submissions: by January 7th, 2001

Be in peace, love and light,

Bircan UNVER


This issue is dedicated to such distinguished artists and author as (alphabetical order):
We will be celebrating the second anniversary with the Winter-2002 issue.
Deadline: January 7, 2002
This e-magazine is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium, Inc.,
which was granted a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization
status based in New York since July 17, 2001.



© The Light Millennium e-magazine was created and designed by Bircan ÜNVER. 7th issue. Fall 2001, New York.
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