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We have only one WORLD yet!
If we destroy it, where else can we go to? - 7th issue - Fall 2001


"We truly believe the Light Millennium does have the potential to turn into a world peace movement. It may sound very idealistic, but nevertheless the potential is there, if only enough people were to believe in it. With that in mind we hope 2002 will bring Peace on Earth and kindness to all humankind."
Angela & Burhan DOGANCAY, New York, December 25, 2001

"Whilst searching the web I came upon your site just by coincidence, loved your site and the info displayed there, I've been in Turkey for a long time so this was a real and pleasant surprise.

I'd like to take the liberty of drawing your attention to a world renowned artist who is a Turk and a good friend, please check out his site, I'm sure you'll be happy to know him and his fantastic work."

"It's a pure gain for you to have Nina Goksun Say in the Millenium. She has so much to offer in arts and literature. She is an artist and a rare asset just being herself, a noble Turkish Lady from Nisantasi."


"I congratulate you for what you have accomplished since we met is amazing. You have published a wonderful art magazine on the internet. And you succesfully now incorporated it as not for profit and obtained tax exempt status. I believe that your are now entitled to apply for numerous institutions for funding your charitable corporate activities. You will be soon where you want to be. The interview's on Dogancay and Mardin are beautiful. Julie is an asset that you have with you."
Erol MUCEN, Attorney, New York


" I just read LIGHT MILLENNIUM's latest issue in Istanbul. I am taking great pride to congratulate you for creating an issue of real international value and scope. Selection of three internationally renowned persons and all related to Turkey of today is indeed a great thrill. Thank you for your decision and realization for such a choice. I read the article on Burhan DOGANCAY and I should confess that it is gorgeous . The English is perfect and attributions and remarks are so selective and correct. But above all your making the publication for three most celebrated men is something that I find no words to express my feelings. Thank you Bircan and hope that we read the Turkish edition with same enthusiasm and excitement."
Fethi PIRINCCIOGLU, VIPTOURISM, Kandilli, Istanbul.

"One of the major points that the Light Millennium would be good at addressing is how little of Islam is known to Americans. We are after all a Judeo-Christian country, but we have tolerance for all faiths. One might just as well note that Buddhism is similarly unknown to us.

Yet another example of how the taboo of religion in school causes such ignorance of a major part of many humans' lives. Is it time to revisit this subject? Shouldn't religion be taught in school, so long as one is not trying to indoctrinate someone else? Isn't a taboo the opposite of what we try to accomplish with education?

In teaching The Hobbit I have brought in many Christian thoughts as they relate to the subject. I could not do so if teaching this in public school. The basic fear of converting people to one faith or another is a weak premise. If someone is so poorly rooted in their own faith and traditions, perhaps it is not a bad thing for that person to consider what does make sense. No, we should never stop thinking or dreaming... but in most schools across the US, denial of an education about religion is the one thing that belongs to the Dark Ages."
Robert J. BAUMANN, New York

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We will be celebrating the second anniversary with the Winter-2002 issue.
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