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If we destroy it, where else can we go to? - 7th issue - Fall 2001

"LOVE," says Dr. Erich Fromm, "is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."

  Yet, most of us are unable to develop our capacities for love on the only level that really counts a love that is compounded of maturity, self-knowledge and courage.

 Love Episodes

by Ulku UNSOY

  Loves of our lives have been lived or not, are expressed in many ways; symbolized in images, orally or inscriptional, while some befall a book.  Loving someone could be thought of identifying someone with a book.  A Person "A Book.  Suppose you come cross someone"  Imagine a brand new book, unopened yet.  Imagine yourself paying attention to a new person you just met.  You are becoming aware of something that attracts you to this person.  Here we take the first step, either at love or towards a book.

  * It is Attraction.  Then starts an interest, a desire to get to know the person.  It is so much like you are in front of a book and you just want to hold it, so you can get a relief over your bewilderment caused by its charming cover!  You can start opening the pages now and think of every person like a book.  All of a sudden you find yourself in a journey to a wonderland.  You are reading a fascinating book.  You go to the most amazing places, one after another through the pages you keep reading.  You could never imagine going to such dreamlands without this book.  You have a breakthrough now.  Here, you can jump over the moon. 

  * There are times when you catch a quiet whirlwind all the way inside of you.  While you are trying to stand to its strength, you see it turning to a chilling twister, mounting massive wreckage in your heart.  You can't find a way of bringing this mass out.  You are hopeless.  Sadly, the last thing you can say is "I wish I never met you".  Almost like saying "I wish I never read that book".  "So gloomy". 

  * Then here comes a book.  You read it so fast, from start to end, like you are running a marathon.  You can't leave it to the side and breath "to think a bit.  No.  Instead, you would go over the pages back and forth, over and over "and find new savors at every time over the same paragraphs' It is the kind of love that you like to have at all times, because you discover yourself over and over through enduring new contentment.  

  * Love, of course, is not a phenomenon to be lived the same way with anyone you come across.  Some turns out to be like an unreadable book, you have no clue to what it really is, even though it is in your hands.  Something starts annoying your instincts right from the first page, you still try to follow the outputs sincerely' but it turns out to be a tough challenge and you find yourself miserable!  Why continue reading it? Why not just leave it behind and go to sleep"  It is just a book right there, not sparkling to you at all.   It will not take you anywhere further no matter what you know...  Why waste your time and space?   

* Some may become a part of your life, like a thick, heavy book.  Pages of years and togetherness go by a lifetime.  It is always with you after all.  With you inseparably, every page of it is in your remembrance.

* Oh!  How about the books you buy with such great enthusiasm, because of its bright cover attracts you so much?  You start reading it in excitement, and "how it can be?  No!  Yes, all the sudden you are at the end of it!  Without getting a sense at all"  "What was that?" you ask yourself.  You thought it was a dazzling romance starting with that burning desire, but it cooled down so suddenly "so quickly, that the fire just died.  

  Outputs from a love episode: 

 I don't know what you are in my life but I know who you are for me.

Our love started in a split second through a magnifying connection.  It has been a long time, but every moment of what we shared seems like it will be remembered.  After all, love the kind of love you brought out in me is still there.  Strangely, it never gave me pain, but beauty and confidence.  It being mutual is what matters.

  You know it, the spot I have for you in my heart is not compatible with any of those love tails.  It may sound crazy.  However, I am not crazy and what I understood now is what really happened.  It is beyond all countable items.  The closest word to describe it would be Magic.  It was a fantasia, not fantasy.  What ever it is, it is beyond measure.  Somehow you will remain with me for as long as I live; as love, in the deepest spot in my heart that opened up so quickly, almost like by a light-beam, it is my pledge, that I will never let it bleed. I am blessed having such an immeasurable height in my heart, as me, as human, imagine, it could be the opposite, an immeasurable fall that causes pain.  Millions of people experience it.  I will always love you, as long as I live, till my last breath, any love that may come and go in my life will not come close to it. 

* Yes, as expressed in the above lines, "Love" sometimes, could be an extraordinary book.  For it is very rare, everyone is not fortunate enough to reach out to such a book.  From the first moment you see it you would get carried away.  Your heart shivering with an unusual excitement, you dazzle by the sight of such a valuable treasure that only you can merit.  Only you can see those paragraphs, as if they are written for you.  Therefore you can say "this is mine and I belong to this.  Here you are mesmerized.  You may find it hard to read manifestly even if it may take just a few pages.  You can find yourself on fire at every page you go through.  You are overwhelmed; yet continue reading it, because you understand it so well.  You'd think you just discovered the world by what it can mean.  You just know, this is not a dream while you live it, but the best genuine trend you can ever go through in your life.   However your life would not allow a stage and time to live this phenomenon forever. It doesn't matter. it is a little book.  It is intense.  While it embers, still would leave an ongoing fire somewhere inside of you.  Interleaving some phrases to the core of your mind.  There is a treasure you know but you can't describe it by any measure.  Then you may find a way reflecting the sparkles of it via your expressions as long as you live.  

© Ulku Unsoy

Love Poem:



in the moments of precious now
while you wander who I am…
a touch brings…
all of *Atlantis* here,
see, I am in there
right now

 See the bits to remain from this,
 from a Deaf Me or
a Blind You,
 who knows
now, here that what is real
passing as it is, into a seal
In echoes, to tomorrows...

Cronies change, so the rhythm
 In many tales
I bring the smiles,
see the twinkles in your eyes, yet how dare
time and place,
Could hack a fairytale,
those a few extricating "zones"!                         

Dragged on to a new dance,
I disappear
To live in
yet unwritten tales
Leaving my eyes in yours, will you see...
and your touch is in me                      

 While future becomes past
with Me and You, twirled in it...
I seal the presence, in my mind
What is called *now*;
A tale of tomorrow



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