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Contact: Bircan Ünver or Diana Khachaturyan
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Date: October 26, 2009, New York

The Light Millennium and the Civil Society Institute together formed the
Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative.

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The Light Millennium (NY, USA) is collaborating with the Civil Society Institute (Yerevan, Armenia) to form and launch the Turkish-Armenian Synergy ("TAS") Initiative which was originally proposed openly over the Internet in October and November 2007. For the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative, Bircan's Manifesto for Revolutionary Relations #4 see:
The manifesto is an outline to set up the vision and ground for the Initiative. Regardless, it is an ongoing process that needs to be developed.

The Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative will be developed and activated under the Light Millennium organization. However, when the conditions are met, both co-founders/collaborators of the Initiative may consider forming it as an independent institution in the future.


The Light Millennium has been openly seeking an Armenian organization and Armenian citizens or Armenian-descent individuals for partnership towards forming the Turkish-Armenian Synergy since 2007.

In June 2009, Diana Khachaturyan (Civil Society Institute, Yerevan, Armenia) contacted Bircan Ünver (The Light Millennium) via e-mail and reflected her intention to join forces for an initiative within the context of TAS.

Bircan and Diana continued communicating throughout the summer. As a result, at the beginning of September, the two parties arrived a mutual understanding and ground for a potential partnership. Diana Khachaturyan and Marianna Khachaturyan (Lincoln, Nebraska) agreed to join the Board of Directors of the Light Millennium for an efficient way of working together for the TAS Initiative. Bircan presented this idea to the LMBoD during its last meeting which took place at Baruch College, NYC, on Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

As an outcome of the LMBoD Meeting, the "on-line board membership status" of Diana and Marianna with the purpose of forming the TAS Initiative is approved. From this point on, they will be able to attend the BoD meetings on-line.


The first and main goal of Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative is to focus on the GOOD and POSITIVE aspects of the Turkish-Armenian relations, which were forgotten, suppressed, or obliterated long ago. We will base our activities on our common historical cultures in an effort to reach the greater goal of "a shared future" between the two countries.

Our first objective is to launch the Initiative at the United Nations by obtaining support from the Permanent Missions of Turkey and Armenia to the United Nations for a joint program. This program will explore and present a combination of the rich cultures of both countries, in the light of the potential economic developments, investments, and partnerships between them. This very first program will be focusing on the benefits of the recently signed protocol by Turkey and Armenia, based on the core of the protocols. It will include performances on culture, music, and arts from both countries.

Ideas of priority for potential programs for the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative:

* ---To launch it through a day-long program including a forum and/or panel and/or various-performances and a reception at the UN HQ, NYC (tentatively in March or April);

* ---To expand and present it at different universities with their collaboration;

* --- To develop relations with the Armenian-American community in NY and nationwide in US;

* --- To organize a major joint concert first in US, then tour it in Armenia and Turkey as well as in other potentially interested countries;

* --- To organize joint exhibitions; book publications; joint performances from folk dance to ballet.

* --- To organize competitions which may be held at the level of elementary, middle, and high school students in the areas of literature, poetry, arts; joint musical shows; films, documentaries, television programs/series. It is aimed for each program to reflect both cultures equally and to be presented first in both countries and US, and later in supporting countries of the Protocol, such as Switzerland, France, and Russia.

* --- To organize writing competitions including poetry, short story, and essays on peace, humanity, love, hope, trust, and future inspired from select literary works from US and Armenia and Turkey.

* ---To enable the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative also to act as an open global platform for presentation of ideas, developments, and accomplishments; to establish a dedicated website for TAS.

* --- To conduct research in order to digitize documents, pictures, art works, life styles, and literary works from different time periods, and make those available for a global community on the Web. To do this through new researches that are not available on the Web or on a digital format yet, and present them side by side or interweaving with each other both on digital multi-platforms and physical public spheres in order to promote better understanding of the shared culture and history of the two nations. 

* --- To develop, design, present programs in particular with youth involvements from both countries, through workshops and camping programs on education, sports, and arts.

* --- To develop, design, present programs in relations to women’s development and empowerment issues within the context of the TAS.

* --- To make all materials, programs, contents of the programs available for everyone on the Web or on current available digital formats.

* --- To target American Public Access TVs for producing television series (weekly or monthly) that could be shown in most of the homes in 52 states of the Unites States through cable access; also over the Internet and through satellite TVs. Bircan proposes to launch a Turkish-Armenian Synergy TV Series Program to be produced and presented on a monthly basis, in the form of 28 minutes episodes if the financial and crew requirements are met and sustained.

* --- Each program and activity aims to bring close the two communities together, to foster connectivity and strengthen cultural relations in order to better understand and respect one another as well as contribute to removing prejudices.

Once we launch the Initiative in New York via a UN program that will be our official formation. We will also seek the possibilities and potentials to launch it in Armenia, Turkey, and in other countries where interested parties show a strong determination for working toward the similar vision and goal with us.

We, both The Light Millennium and the Civil Society Institute of Yerevan, are determined to melt down the long since frozen ice walls between the two communities in each country as well as worldwide. We also WELCOME all the potential collaborators, supporters, and participants to be involved in this process and empower it in order to promptly improve the relations between the two communities and make progress towards this goal.

Thank you very much for your support in this very positive and challenging process. We both believe that any effort put into this progress will enormously empower us to create a synergy between the two countries, and the communities worldwide, also greatly contribute to the peace process in the region as well as globally.

Sincerely yours,

Bircan UNVER, Co-Founder of the
Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative

New York, USA &
with The Light Millennium
Diana KHACHATURYAN, Co-Founder of the
Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative

Yerevan, Armenia &
with the Civil Society Institute


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Civil Society Institute (CSI) is a non-governmental organization based in Yerevan which aims to assist and promote the establishment of a free and democratic society in Armenia. Established in 1998 and formerly known as Civil Society Development Union, CSI has implemented a series of programs, research and publications surrounding the principles of democracy and human rights.

Since its founding, CSI has worked on and continues to carry out programs revolving around the following initiatives:
• Civil society development Penal system reform
• Human rights advocacy and awareness Peace-building and conflict resolution
• Freedom of information and anti-corruption Internship opportunities for the youth
• Secondary education reform Political advocacy and lobbying

*Special Thanks to Maya Barkhudaryan of the CSI, Yerevan, Armenia, and to Figen Bingül of the Light Millennium, NY, USA.

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