Re-Minding Healing:
An Integrative Approach to Natural Healing

by Sevgihan BARIN

Re-Minding Healing is a new and integrated approach to modern medicine and traditional holistic healing practices. It is being developed and practiced by its founder Aytug Izat in the Tri-State area. Here is an interview with Master Izat.

What is the Re-Minding Healing?

Master Izat: It is an integrated life style that is constantly being upgraded according to what we know about human beings and the surrounding universe at this pointin time. Anything that has known benefits for the well-being of human beings can be taken into account in our approach.

At this age of modern hospitals and well-educated doctors? Why?

Master Izat: Modern medicine, with its tremendous contribution to the well-being of people, has unfortunately become a powerful part of the market economy so much so that the majority of population in even the richest countries are being left aside because of its inflated cost. Additionally, there are some simpler and cheaper ways of healing which modern medicine has yet to discover.

And as a natural consequence, people are pushed to try the cheaper traditional healing practices. There comes another booming market, how safe is it?

Master Izat: All alternative healing approaches have some merit in their healing practices. Yet, they are not well regulated. The market economy works and there come high profit seekers again. Take herbal therapy: Because of the fact that herbs are the main ingredient of almost all the modern medicine developed by pharmaceutical companies, people tend to believe their effects and try them the traditional way described by the people who are controlling the market. As a consequence, people are led to misuse and overdose many herbs which cause some health problems.

And Re-Minding Healing, isn’t it a natural healing approach?

Master Izat: Yes, it is. I named it Re-Minding so that I can emphasize the following: First of all, in prehistoric times, mankind survived the hostile environment for such a long period, when there was no hospital, no doctor nor a healer or magician. This is the first clue to remember: By nature, every human being carries a healing potential as a gift that comes from the Creator. That gift remains with us until we change into another energy form!

Until we die, that is?

Master Izat: Yes. And this natural healing potential has been acknowledged by many people all around the world. And different healing approaches from yoga to Falung Gong, from acupuncture to herbal therapy, from reiki to shiatsu, etc., have been developed and implemented There is tremendous knowledge and expertise yet to be understood by modern science.

Could you please be more specific?

Master Izat: Take a yoga master. He keeps himself healthy by concentrating on his breath, on his muscles, posture and the state of consciousness. Take a reiki master: He concentrates on energy connections and heals people by applying simple and gentle therapeutic touch. A Falun Gong practitioner concentrates on Budha's thousand hand movements in a special way so she keeps herself energetic and calm.

If they are so helpful, why aren’t they taught at medical schools?

Master Izat: This is the point. I have seen many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists who were very stressful. Yet, they try to help their clients to become calm: impossible!

I sincerely believe that almost all doctors can benefit from traditional holistic healing practices.

Let's go back to Re-Minding Healing, do you suggest that anything can be cured without modern medical help?

Master Izat: Many health and psychological problems may be prevented and cured by knowing more about how to improve ourselves.

For instance?

Master Izat: Simple headaches, cramps, tension, indigestion can be prevented or cured by simple practices. This does not mean that we don’t go to the doctors for check-ups, or for treatment of a serious illnesses. Re-Minding suggests that there is a healing potential within ourselves that is ignored by most of us. Let's learn about ourselves. Let’s benefit from the air, water and simple body movements as healing alternatives. Let’s recognize ourselves as a being with body, mind and soul living in a universe in which everything changes constantly. Let’s recognize the power of emotions in our lives.

What is a typical Re-Minding session?

Master Izat: It usually takes more than an hour of chakra alignment by simple hand movements accompanied by suitable music. By the way, according to Eastern tradition, there are seven main chakras, energy centers in the body which are responsible for the well being of a person. Plus, we work on the mind and the spiritual levels. Additionally, traditional soothing massage is applied when necessary. If we find a serious problem, we suggest the person consult with a physician.

Where do you practice?

Master Izat: Mostly in Hoboken and in Weehawken. I work with several clinics on a demand base. Plus I honor house calls.

Do you also train people? Are you recognized by any professional organization?

Master Izat: Yes. I conduct seminars on breathing, meditation and natural healing. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Among others, I am also a member of Spiritualist Turks.

Thank you for sharing this interesting information.

Master Izat: Thank you and remember: Your best health support is within yourself.

* * * * *

About Aytug Izat:
Mr. Aytug Izat has a very interesting background: He was born in Elazig, in 1943, and raised in a village called Yurtbasi where his maternal grandmother was practicing herbal therapy, while her aunt was considered to be 'the spiritual leader' by the villagers. "I had lived in a caring and responsible environment," Mr Izat recalls, “so much so that I became very much interested in the human being, by paying special attention to all surroundings.

" He had first hand experience of the effects of both approaches. He recalls how they used to do some rituals every spring to protect themselves and their property from illness and danger; and, how they lived very peacefully with poisonous snakes and scorpions in the same garden for years without any bad incidents.

Being respectful to the lives of other beings was the key for protection. "I had learned how to protect myself by being calm and peaceful as early as I can remember, and it worked!" Mr. Izat, then had one goal in mind: In order to be able to help people, you have to know a lot and pass that knowledge to others. So he chooses to become a good teacher. A Bachelor's Degree in Special Education and Educational Psychology from Ankara University, a Master's Degree in Program Development and Evaluation from Hacettepe University followed naturally.

He worked at the Prime Ministry State Planning Organization, within the Education Group, then moved to Hacettepe University to work as an Assistant to the Director.

In 1974, he went to the University of Chicago for doctoral work in Comparative Education. He worked as a research Assistant there and at Chicago State University where he also taught courses.

Between 1985 and 1991 Master Izat worked for the Turkish Government at the Ministry of Culture as Deputy Under-Secretary until he "got tired of unpleasant politics."

Since then he works on studying the brain and its effect on learning and health. He has First and Second level Reiki certifications from masters of the European and American traditions. He is a student of yoga grandmaster Mr. Kazim Gurbuz, and late psychiatrist and para-psychologist Prof. Dr. Recep Doksat.

About Sevgihan Barin:
She is a film director and a First Degree Reiki Practitioner. She directed over 100 commercials and assistant-directed three documentaries including "Turkey: Bridge to Civilization", and "Suleiman The Magnificent". She was Assistant Coordinator of te Suleiman the Magnificent Exhibits.

He can be reached at: (201) 558 0882 or e-mail to:

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