Empty Plates after christmas dinner

By Asli OMUR

China has forced her body
Between my father and I
Maybe thats why the telephone
Never rings with him on the other side
Giving birth to the words I have not spoken
In so long because I have forgotten how one
Is to move their teen and their tongue
So they sound PER-FECT
How come my father can buy a Porsche
Lamborghini, Mazzarati, or Mercedes
But cannot even send me a postcard
With those two little stamps of the national
Flower and Ataturk in the corner
What happens to your soul once you get lost?
Somewhere in the horse races, Miss Turkey pageants
Japanese business trips, Swiss nnumbers in bank accounts
My father props up his feet to gaze at Findikli asleep
His eyes corroded with breaking waves blur streetlights
Glossy black pavement turbulence caught in a monsoon
I can pretend that the plane flying above me has my BABA
In first class sipping gin and tonics lightning up a cuban
On his way to see me as I write poetical thoughts
I snap out my desk light
I can pretend that I do not hear his laughter in my throat
Warm like darkness
Or that when I close my eyes that yearn for rest
That I do not see him and I
Drawing snow figures by the swan banks of Istanbul
You did not mind that little children,
Pregnant mothers
Dying men, Teenage daughters stopped to stare
Standing in silence, analyzing our every movement
Like you did when I was materializing from the insides of a cotton womb
Doused in the fresh dew and juices
Tha always rings in the beginning of something great
I can pretend, Daddy, Baba, Man of Anatolia
That I haven't let anyone down
I can pretend I am not failing at anything
Then why is it I cannot stop thinking of what
You look like before bed
Then I snap out my desk light

This issue is dedicated to contemporary Turkish artist Erol AKYAVA┼×.
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Winter 2001
Winter 2001
Winter 2001
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