Erol Akyavas was born in Ankara in 1932. Married with Ilona Mosolygo in Cleveland, Ohio in 1956, and they have two daughters; Mirgun and Nazan. Akyavas entered into the art world in the beginning of 50's until '99 (April 20), and he contributed to the art world for almost five decades.

His recent, 'A Trio-Retrospective Exhibition' was realized in Istanbul Dolmabahce Culture Center, Bilgi Atelye-111 in Istanbul, and Gallery Nev in Ankara in November through January 2001. The exhibitions were founded by Bilgi Universitesi; and curatored by Beral Madra & Haldun Dostoglu.

The two volume "EROL AKYAVAS" catalogue was published by Bilgi University to accompany the exhibitions, on October 2000 in Turkish. (Also, English versions of the catalogues will be published soon.)

- Study under B. Rahmi Eyuboglu, 1950-52
- Judy under A. Lhote and F. Leger, Summer program at the Florence Academy, 1952-53
- Work with Circle et Caree, 1952-53
- Work with Les Realities Nouvelles, 1952-53
- Chicago, Architectural studies, 1954-60
- Design study with E. Saarinen, 1960-62
- Architectural work on Cappodocia Hotel (Agha Khan Prize finalist, December 1884), 1964-65
- Akyavas settled in New York in 1964 where he lived until 1998.

- He reads Gulsen-i Raz, 1971
- His first comprehensive art catalogue; "EROL AKYAVAS" was published by ENLEM'80, written by Jale Nejdet Ezen in English & Turkish, in June 1995

Solo Exhibitions:
1954 Art Colony Gallery, Cleveland, O., USA
1957 The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, O., USA
1958 Akron Art Museum, Akron, USA
1959 Galleria Bottegha Oscura, Roma, Italy
1960 Angelesky Gallery, N.Y., N.Y., USA
1964 German Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
French Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
1966 French Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
1968 The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, O., USA
1970 Galleria Schwartz, Milan, Italy
1972 Galleria Schwartz, Milan, Italy
1978 Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
Galerie Brucke, Clogne, Germany
1979 Galerie Altstadt, Bern, Switzerland
1981 Baukunst Galerie, Cologne, Germany
1983 Stutgart Museum of Art, Germany
Gallerie in Kornhous, Germany
Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
1984 En Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
1985 Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Tanbay Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
1986 Gallerie im Atelier, Stuttgart, Germany
1987 Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
--Urart Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
--Galeri Nev, Ankara
-- Galeri Nev, Istanbul
1988 Institute of Contemporary Art, London, England
1989 Modus Vivendi Galleries, Zurich, Switzerland
1990 Gallerie Mangisch, Zurich, Switzerland
-- Benois Palace, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
1991 Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
-- Galleria Civica D'Arte, Italy
1992 Gallerie Castille, Paris , France
1993 Aksanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
-- State Galery of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey
-- Galeri HP, Lefkosa, Cyprus
-- Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey
-- Galeri Nev, Ankara, Turkey
1995 Galeri Nev, Istanbul, Turkey

Group Exhibitions
1957 The Akron Art Institute, 34th Annual May Exhibition (May 1 -June 2)
The exhibited paintings: La Gloire des Rois, Cogitay la Muerte, Alma Ausente, Mediterrenean Nocturne.
1959 Galleria Bottegha Oscura, Roma, Italya 1960-62.
1960 "EROL" Angeleski Gallery, March 16-31 1960. The exhibited paintings: Alma Ausente, The Glory of the Kings, Praise for a Queen I, Composition, Praise for a Queen II, Praise for a Queen III, Rhytms of Pride, Seed, Color of the Breeze, Luminous Exile.
1961 E. Akyavas, Bedri Rahmi, T. Bayrak, Angeleski Gallery, N.Y., N.Y., ABD
1963 The New Collection of the Museum of Modern Art exhibition, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., ABD.
1970 Turkish Art Exhibition in New York: Abidin Dino, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Eren Eyuboglu, Ahmet Gursoy, Tosun Bayrak, Erol Akyavas, Avni Arbas, Burhan Dogancay
1979 Galerie Brucke, Cologne, Germany.
1985 Urart Art Gallery
1987 Ist International European-Asian Art Bianel, in Istanbul.
-- Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition, in Ankara.
1988 The Modernization Process in Turkish Art, AKM, Galley Baraz, in Istanbul
1989 The Contemporary Turkish Art - The Extensive Exhibition I
1990 Gegenwart Ewigkeit (Present Time is Infinity), Spuren des Transzendenten in der Kunst unserer Zeit, Berlin, Almanya (April 4 to June 24, 1990)
1990 The Contemporary Turkish Art - The Extensive Exhibition II, Istanbul & Ankara.
1990 The Contemporary Turkish Art, Alay Kosku (Palace), Kusav/Sotheby's, Istanbul,
1991 Paris-Istanbul, International Art Center, Paris, 1991
1991 Italia Group Exhibition: Gallery Nev, "Akyavas, Uluc, Guleryuz, Komet", (November 15 to December 10, 1991)
1991 Il Sudo Del Mondo, Palazzo Spano Burgio, Italia
1996 Turkish Art Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Denmark, 1996
1998 For Bosnia, group exhibition, Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1999 Comtemporary Masters, Galatea Art Gallery, group exhibition, in Istanbul

The Monoliths of Erol AKYAVAS

This issue is dedicated to contemporary Turkish artist Erol AKYAVA┼×.
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