Prof. Gabriel GRAYSON

In my teaching, writing, performing, interpreting and passions a guiding principle is always to try and seduce the consciousness of an audience through intelligence humour and novelty.

I think the daily barrage of empty entertainment from the major media has numbed our sensibilities to something less than a common denominator but that it's still possible to both enteratin and inform at the same time without boring people into instant marcolepsky.

As a magiciant and performer has performed in 14 countries around the world.

As a hot air ballon pilot, motorcyist and collage artist.

Has taught courses at the New School (14) in Jesus, Houdizm, Muhammed Ali, DaVinci, Benyamin Franklin,
Creavity, New York Women, etc.

At the Museum of Natural History has organized sing language tours in all 44 exhibition Walls including Rose Center Human Biology the hall of biodiversity, marine life, spiders, diorama construction, etc.

Lives in the Upper-West side of Manhattan.

* Coordinator of the Sign Language Department of New School University.
* Principal Court-Appointed dactylologist for the New York City Judical system.
* Sign language tour interpreter at the American Museum of Natural History.
* Sign Language artist-in residence at the Cathedral Church of Saint John The Divine.
* Author of "Talking With Your Hands...Listening With Your Eyes."

"He Knew The Answer" with Prof. Gabriel GRAYSON

The New School University

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