Gabriel Ariel LEVICKY

A short bio for: (so called a serious one)

GAL was born to a family of the Shoah/Holocaust survivors in 1948, shortly after a Communist putsch that had transformed the war-ravaged country into another political nightmare. Educated in the new regime schools he soon embarked on ‘silent’ opposition, being influenced among many other impacts by the literature of American Beat, rock & roll and blues music and visual arts. He is also an accomplished cartoonist and visual artist.

While in Czechoslovakia, GAL organized many happenings and the forbidden ‘Flying University" meetings, signed Charter 77 (initiated by the present-day President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel) for which he was heavily politically and racially persecuted.

In 1977 he published his first samizdat collection of poetry Neznama Poezia (The Unknown Poetry). In 1979 he "miraculously" escaped via 5 countries and made it into the USA. First, he settled in NYC, after a short sting there, he went to CA and published a second book of poetry The Unknown Poetry # 2. While in SF he organized various poetry projects and performed at different open mike readings.

Moving back to NYC, he reestablished himself as a poet "in exile" again, getting involved in many projects. He is working on a new collection B(lack) & W(hite) Wet Paint Poems, encompassing his New York experience.

Thus, the notorious poetry-alchemy ‘tail-eating-snake-circle’ is finished in order to create an infinite loop.

He is a translator, an interpreter, and widely travels to recharge his curiosity and amazement.

Fictitious bio:

As a result of his father’s spermatic coincidence he came into existing in this cosmic mistake, called planet Earth as a sparkle of genuine, unknown prophecy. Who is this guy? was a first question he asked, pointing his tiny finger towards a portrait of uniformed Uncle Joe with large mustache. The answer was: He’s God Almighty! A fresh

child was immediately slapped on his round tuches (Yiddish for ass). Lesson number one: Don’t ask stupid questions about the meaning of hair, especially when that hair is alive and moving.

After a more or less successful circumcision, he decided to explore (never stopped) the forbidden zones of sexuality even before he heard that weird name Freud. The same way, he arrived independently to a conclusion that a fish must be that link in our evolutionary madness, especially when in a delicious aspic.

He was a bad student and almost caused one of his most hated teacher to commit suicide which he unfortunately did not proceed to execute. We would have one less asshole poisoning innocent child’s mind; he even received a salary for doing it.

His parents often wished that a boy should have been an inanimate object like a vase or a rock rather then a curious boy with large reading glasses that have caused stupid, primitive kids from the stupid, primitive families to chase him around the school and beat him up, repeating deliciously: You fucking, stinking, blind Martian!!!

Little did he knew about the meaning of this curse…It stayed with him forever just as the permanent idiocy stay with his tormentors.

Restless but not voiceless, he attempted to follow his destiny and decided at his early age that regardless of any consequences he will follow his stubborn taste for freedom even if it means living in poverty. He has successfully accomplished this goal and now he is independently poor.

Writing bios is boring. Instead, we should reinvent our lives because if we don’t someone else will do it instead of us…

So lesson number two and the final one is — life is too short to be normal or life is too normal to be short…

It is your pick.

Remember, if you don’t like this bio, go ahead invent your own.


Gabriel Ariel LEVICKY

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