Winter 2001: Issue#5

Hello Dear Readers & Participants,

We are proud to introduce the "First Year Anniversay" of Light Millennium our Winter 2001 issue.

We survived the first year of this publication due to participations and support from you. We want to thank you for everything and for especially helping us achieve our goal.

We have reached over 6000 visitors to our site since January 2000.

As most of you know that, the Light Millennium has a 'not for profit' approach and we have filed to be a non-profit organization since August 2000.

Our weakness has been the ongoing delays due to the short of technical staff and the shortage of support during its pre-production and post-production. We hope to lessen this type of weakness in the future!

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to take a part during the preparation and production process of the magazine. Please contact:

The Light Millennium offers a global platform and connection to all ideas in order to express yourself freely and creating a positive energy for the future. This is the esssence of this project as well as essence of the Internet.

From Spring 2001 issue on; we are also planning to publish your vivid, and unforgettable dreams... We believe that it is very essential to hear your view about the time frame that we live in and your dreams.. because what is real..are your dreams!

Over all, if you are searching a place to publish your ideas about life, culture, art, future, various interest areas or dreams; this is the platform for you to represent yourself and creating a network with the others...

As last, we hope to celebrate many many more years as "The Light Millennium"'s anniversary until the whole world is in peace and light for all humankind...

Be in Light & Peace.
B. Ü.

This issue is dedicated to contemporary Turkish artist Erol AKYAVA┼×.
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Winter 2001
Winter 2001
Winter 2001
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