Middfest 2000-Turkey
With Libby CAPPS

by Pelin YAZAR

Libby CAPPS has been associating to the Middfest 2000 for 15 years. Pelin YAZAR inverviewed Ms. CAPPS about her contributions to the Middfest 2000-Turkey.

How long have you been working for Middfest?

I have been associated with Middfest for  15 years, working installation, acquisition and artists from all over the world.

What kind of work do you do for Middfest?

I find artists and their work, design the exhibits, deciding where objects will be hung and placed either on the wall or cases. I help visiting artists set-up areas for demonstrations. Place them in elementary buildings to work with our children in our town. I design all the signs and information that goes on the walls and in cases that is informational or educational proposes for school tours for children.

What is the purpose of Middfest?

The purpose of Middfest is to bring a better understanding of world cultures to each other involving exchanges with people. We hope that people in Middletown will be enlightened to appreciate other beliefs, arts and history and learn how to improve our life's here.

Pelin YAZAR represented Turkey as an Turkish Artist at the Middfest 2000-Turkey.

When did Middfest start?

I think Middfest started about 20 years ago.

Why did Middfest choose Turkey this time?

The decision to choose Turkey was a board decision made jointly among many people based on economics, available people and location.

What was your favorite activity at Middfest? Why?

It is hard to say which was my favorite... always.. with every country I do, because I learn and appreciate as much as I can. I do love working with the artist to exhibit their art and see the children learning from what they see, being influenced and motivated to try something new themselves.

Tulu BAYAR' photografphy exhibition at the festival.

How many people visited Middfest this time?

I am going to guess as to how many people come to Middfest each year... 10,000.

Do you believe that visitors learned about Turkey?

Yes, I hear great things after Middfest is over about what people saw, learned and shared together .. New friends are made and everyone gains positive feelings.

- . -

Pelin YAZAR's Statement:
As an artist, my interest lies in the statement of vivid colors, in their infinite and inexhaustible combinations, and the creation of an aesthetic and spiritual language that transcends words. Specifically, my art attempts to discover free organic forms through the layering and playful deployment of colors, as well as to bring pleasure to the eye by evoking the rich and surprising spectral underpinnings of simple representational ideas.

There is often no set agenda for these ideas, as they are born of the immediate response of each brushstroke to another, catching the pure moment of impressionistic mixtures and harmony. Other times, I borrow themes from the traditional culture and crafts of my native Turkey. These subjects evolve continuously as I paint, transforming radically in their meaning and complexity, but always imbued with an eternal faith and joy in color, and the raw emotional presence that such techniques may provoke in the merging of painting and eye. Thus, like the tonal qualities in music, my art attempts with color to touch something universally significant in all human beings.

This issue is dedicated to contemporary Turkish artist Erol AKYAVA┼×.
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