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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Sandra Rios BAILEY: There is never enough of, support for one another...
Art Statement

Sandra's Obsession & Vaso Ancestorio

I work in mixed medium format. My photography preference at the moment is in black and white but I do sometimes work with color. My ceramic preference currently is with the raku style. My graphic precidence is with Photoshop but in the area of graphics, I am still very much in the discovery mode and will forever be for there is always something new and exciting to experiment with. So far, I have played with director 5, quark express, gif animation, macromedia flash and web portfolio design to name a few. In the area of illustration, my partiality is with pencil, oil pastel, oil paint and charcoal.

This being my infant stage in art, it is crucial for me not to be locked into any one particular MEDIUM, as I am sill in the learning phase as an artist. I do have the above-mentioned inclinations but they are not set in stone.

My connection to my medium is soulful and contemplative. I hope to encourage a positive and comforting response for the viewer.

The sense of art to me is to retain contact and interest, make communication possible where it might not have ever occurred, to cause a reaction, whatever it might be, expected or not. Evoke the spirit and resonate continually at each viewing and remain after the viewing has ended.

Sadly, to me what is missing from the artistic landscape is more sites such as this one where there is a possibility for networking for both professionals and amateurs alike to foster open dialogue and constructive criticism, a chance to exhibit your thoughts, feelings and creative endeavors and to be seen and heard and possibly appreciated and make connections for the benefit of all concerned. This is something there is never enough of, support for one another, instead of competing and BACK SLASHING. Friendly rivalry which is both exciting as it is stimulating ñ this is what is missing from the grandee scale that is art. I believe this to be the main problem in today's world, especially in the states, here in America and especially in New York ñ that most artists cannot make it always on their own, not without some sort of human chain of support and comradely.

I do not fool myself to enter into this canvas of art with any preconceived notions or expectations. Instead, I trust my instincts for what will open the doors to my highest good and through that passageway; I hope to provide nurturing consolation, something, which fills the gaps in one's character. I seek to achieve this goal by continuing with my studies in academia as well as in my personal travels throughout life in general.

Sandra Rios Bailey's Fictional Bio

Sandra Rios Bailey's e-mail> srios01@cwpost.liu.edu

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