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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Sketches & Gestures


Artists' Actions and Exhibition opened: Thursday, January 31, 2002. Durational performances throughout the evening by Gul Cagin, Alvin Gregorio, Lauren Hartman, and Curt LeMieux in the Weingart Galleries. 

Sketches & Gestures was an evening of performances and an exhibition of works by six Southern California based artists exploring both live and visual art featuring Gul Cagin, Mark Greenfield, Alvin Gregorio, Lauren Hartman, Steve Irvin, and Curt LeMieux.   Through image and actions these artists seeked the immediate meaning of their human experiences and the indisolvability of the body from one's culture, gender, sexuality and physicality.

The exhibition will run until February 22, 2002 at the Weingart and Mullin Galleries, Occidental College, 1600 Campus Road in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA  90041.

Gallery Hours are Mon. - Fri., 10 - 4:30 and by appointment.  For directions to Occidental College Galleries visit: http://www.oxy.edu/oxy/welcome/directions/, call (323)-259-2749, or e-mail kskraba@oxy.edu.

Lauren Hartman  I am no one.  Public action on Federal St., Los Angeles,  1999

Turkish artist Gul Cagin explores live performance, video installations, and hybrid objects resulting in unfamiliar experiences investigating the relationship between the body and objects in domestic spaces.  In her timely sculptural-video installation reConstructinG, Cagin will pose the dilemma of the desire to heal through physical gestures and the desire to kill or de-construct by using materials and objects as surrogates for the human body.

Mark Greenfield investigates images of people in blackface extracted from late nineteenth and twentieth century photographs of vaudeville and minstrel show performers, as both a source of disturbance and fascination.  Greenfield notes these  "manifestations exist to this day in everything from black stand-up comedy" to the "crews" and "posses of hip-hop" and that "generations of African Americans have suffered grievous injury at the hands of people whose livelihood was derived from creating and reinforcing stereotypes through blackface minstrelsy".   In Greenfield's installation Hit Man, a giant piñata of a head made up in blackface and baseball bat with the word "worth" painted on its surface leaves the space rich for his 8:00  performance in Mullin Gallery.  Greenfield has an extensive career as an artist including exhibitions at the Studio Museum in Harlem, Cal Poly Pomona, LA Art Core, Armory Center, Luckman Fine Arts Center, and the Angeles Gate Cultural Center and is currently acting as the Director of Watts Towers Arts Center.

A recent recipient of a Fulbright Award to the Philippines, Alvin Gregorio utilizes symbols of his tag-lish (Tagalog + English) language and culture spoken by his ancestors and future selves - materializing in his layered paintings, drawings and performances.  The work he will be performing at Occidental College, The Distance from here to there, will involve burying himself in earth inside the gallery and proceeding through a walking meditation throughout the evening. Gregorio has exhibited his work nationally at Sotheby's, Brewery Projects, Patricia Correia Gallery, and Los Angeles Municipal Gallery and in the Drawing Room Gallery in Manila, Philippines.

Curt LeMieux  drawing, mixed media  2001


Steve Irvin, known for his primal and often physically intense durational actions, will be exhibiting two series of photographs from recent performances.  In a grouping of images from his exhibition entitled Sanctuary Skin, Irvin is clothed in a towel and layer of baby powder forming a mask on his face.  His infinitesimal gestures, momentary paralysis, tension, and release, (all explorations of the media of muscle and tendon, flesh and bone), took place in a claw-foot bath-tub of water, and hint at the privacy, delicacy, and complexity of the body as site of spirit, mind, emotions, and physicality.  Irvin has exhibited through out Southern California, including such venues as Highways and Watts Towers

Arts Center and has curated performance events at Track 16 Gallery.

Lauren Hartman inventor of Crazy Space and risk-taking transformational art events like Fairy an interactive performance at Side Street Live, often weaves elements of theatre, costume, sound, music scores, and text into tableaus of characters that screech, writhe, and weep - often sensed as psychologically confrontational and mesmerizing towards unsuspecting art audiences.  She joins forces with installation and performance artist Curt LeMieux for a collaborative movement piece called "Tee-hee" investigating the formal and synthetic aspects of physical and facial gestures and naïve theatre.  LeMieux's drawn installations of wire and tape, rendered performances, and drawings of stylized linear and vacant human forms - move, pull, stretch, and breathe in non-gravity fields of pale color - often suggesting dream-like scenarios.  LeMieux has exhibited nationally including such venues as Spruce Street Forum, Huntington Beach Art Center, Gallery 825, and Duluth Art Institute. 

MEDIA CONTACT:  Kat Skraba  (323)-259-2749 or kskraba@oxy.edu

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