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Waterwall Of Atlantis From The Last Mermaid

by Ulku UNSOY


When Unsoy looked at that large, old-stone, bare wall, it evoked an opportunity for the creation of an allegorical and touching visual image. She envisioned this austere, flat wall as a waterfall sculpture, which can bring the viewer to a rare depth of thinking. Her ideas revolving around integrating the present with the past and future, in the context of a universal language found in life giving, and sustaining, water.

She imagined bringing peace to the sight by the soothing atmospheric affects of the constantly changing panorama of light and shadows, the sound of water falling, and the aura of mystery contained in natural, universal and individual associations.

Every inch of the wall could reflect the treasures of each moment of life. A universal-cosmopolitan composition could be accomplished by invocation of myths from the past, unknown beginnings and past tales of voyages that connect us to the future. This approach was based on an irresistible inner yearning to make a positive difference. Greatly inspired with these ideas, her hands carried the responsibility of forming a very unusual creation.

The motivation was to symbolize and combine some of the most remarkable forms found in nature, such as caves and stalactites. When you look at the Waterwall of Atlantis, forms are directed towards you; present is all existence surging from a center. Still, every time you try to spot the center, you see the expanding links from within outwards.

Unsoy believes the core of truth and reasons are always there, but not visible all the time. Symbolizing the vision, a dark and deep cave, within a shallow cave, which is adjacent to a triple cave, that is in a larger cave, between many low and high stalactites form a harmonious connection, which is reaching-out. All this is created to evoke questions and observations from the layered concepts behind the form.

She intends to give a symphony of serenity, with peace and joy that will take the viewer to a place that the imaginative mind will allow, maintaining a sense of connection with realities. The falling water is positioned from all strategic points to emphasize the spirit of the message. Water can sound dramatically wild or soothing. Here the melodious sense is accomplished by the composition's sound effects, from the use of different heights and force of flow.

She hopes you hear the music. "Ulku, everytime I look at the waterfall, I see something different!" Dino Antonopoulos for Antonopoulos Residence Waterfall, Ulku Unsoy, 2000.


The Story of "WATERWALL" -All life surges from a center, expands from within outwards. Waterwall "To All, Surging From Within," a thought provoking combination of hydraulics work, sculpture, color, lighting and sound affects, containing many miniature stalactites, boulders, steps and caves created by artist Ulku Unsoy at Antonopoulos Residence, NY.

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