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A Perfect World


I thought of everything!

The following is a short statement of a perfect world, which is the perfect world in my vision, so we can say that it is my perfect world. In a perfect world people have to be similar, where everything belonging to everyone is the exactly the same as the others. Moreover, it is not hard to discriminate what belongs to whom for the perfect people of my perfect world. My perfect world needs spirituality as much as possible because the best medicine is love and happiness.

With the invention of New Yoga Meditation, the technology was minimized. People did not show any interest in technology. Today’s fast improving technology has almost disappeared through the years. People believed in themselves and trust was the fruit of their growing belief, which led them to individual freedom.

Let’s take a look at steady life flow. Where I come from almost everyone drives a car. Although there is not enough parking spots and highways. All the cars look different and have different features. In the perfect world all the cars look the same and all of them are silver. Everybody knows where his or her car is parked. They are able to recognize their own car among others, which look the same.

The perfect people dress up the same way but they do it in different colors according to their wants and needs. Red is to feel better, orange is for their emotional times. Yellow is for wisdom and intellect while green is the peace of mind. Blue is for devotion and violet is for honor where indigo is for dignity.

The New Yoga Meditation is the next improved technology of spirituality. At this point of time people did not need to learn anything. With The New Yoga Meditation, which is highly advanced concentration practice; perfect people can recall the perfect souls according to their needs and wants. These spirits know how to do and what to do when people need to do something they have never done before. Everyone in the perfect world is able to manage this new technique with his or her instinct. Once they slowly start doing what they ever want, they focus on the work and along together with the New Yoga Meditation the perfect soul for the action is recalled and they over come the action whilst they are working on it.

They cured all of their health problems again with the same practice along with healthy souls they meditate to. If they experience a problem within their body, a healthy soul is recalled and kept for the time it takes to cure the body.

Everyone is liberalized and money is out of the system. All kinds of resources are present for them. Lack of something is impossible with the existence of New Yoga Meditation that makes perfect people, perfect. People share all kinds of feelings and beings with each other and happiness is present like a natural matter as if it was a given gift as soon as they are born. They are perfectly made for a perfect world.

The hunger and thirst people fought for centuries were long ago out of their system. All the ideas they have are based on people for people philosophy. Visual and written art is the most preferred way of life in the perfect world. Along together with all kinds of art they produced are enough to keep the peace and styles of communication perfect like the world itself.

Babies that are born into the perfect world by female-male couples whom transfer their DNAs during a new Yoga Meditation process into an empty soul which they prepare before birth through their own Pure Self meditation. The joy of intercourse is felt with multiple pleasures with external course taking place of the old good intercourse where both sides reach to same amount of pleasure without a failure. There is not any biological or physical change in the way that they were created thousands years ago and women are still the carriers of newborn children. The pure soul is created inside women and all the DNAs are brought together inside the females to shape a future newborn.

Inside a perfect world every individual have the freedom to have whatever they want to have anytime and anywhere. People die at last but their souls together with their memories remain available. They could recall to any physical body, perfect people can be and live with the perfect souls as long as they want to. Everyone can be anybody, just like saying I am you and you are me and perfect world never runs out of souls.

In fact the perfect world is so complicated that the perfect people are perfect enough to keep it simple and make their life easier. They live freely with the comfort and joy it brings them. There is no place for anger, rage, and fight, positive thinking is present in everyone. When people need to argue about something they do not yell or scream at each other. The New Yoga Meditation has rules, which takes such circumstances under control. When two people need to argue or discuss something The New Yoga Meditation goes into effect and people who need to argue about something sit in front of each other in a position called DYAD. They put their hands on the top of their knees and the tips of their knees are in touch with each other. The argument has to take place as little touch as possible because they have to voice each word slowly while they transfer their ideas to each other. They question each other until they come to the point where both sides decide that they do not want anything from each other. They come to the same level and the argument is over and done. Once it has been decided among the people, the same subject will not appear again where the souls in them are updated. Other ways of arguments besides this is against perfection. All the perfect people have courtesy before each other; it is present in them naturally through the practice of New Yoga Meditation.

In the perfect world, any kind of information could be accessed with New Yoga Meditation Intellect. Every perfect individual had the right to know perfect information about anything they want to learn. Everybody trusted each other because they could be each other like when they think the thoughts of other person come to them as well. They balance the information they get from each other and by communicating this way perfect people forgot how unbalanced the information in the past days before perfection. So everything had to be right and wrong could not find a place to fit in, in other words all the gaps are filled positively.

During a speech among two or more perfect people, all of them knew what each other is thinking so the language is not used for oral expression. Only the highlights of a conversation are heard and less talk but more action takes place.

The perfect world moves towards for an excellent world and keeps on improving day by day.

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