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Chicago Turkish American Becomes Board Member of
International Women's Associates

Mrs. Sel Erder Yackley, was installed as a board member, in charge of programs, at the 24th annual meeting of the International Women's Associates (IWA) in Chicago recently.

IWA has more than 500 members, 100 of whom are scattered throughout the world.  Its membership represents nearly 50 different countries and the United States---founded to bring understanding and peace to the world by first making Chicago visitors feel at home.                   

Sel Erder Yackley, board member of
International Women's Associates

"We were so impressed with the way the Turkish Culture group organized its IWA activities that we had to have a Turk on the board," said Yoko Mosher, chairman of the nominating committee.

Mrs. Fatos Aktas, as the wife of the Honorable Consul General Yavuz Aktas of Chicago, automatically became a member of IWA.  Seeing the potential of educating the American and other foreign members to the historic, cultural and archeological riches of Turkey, she started tapping "active, efficient and energetic members of the Turkish American community," said Mrs. Aktas.  "From just one member, we grew to 10 in two years and the monthly Turkish cultural programs became the most popular among the two dozen programs available to the membership," she added.  Mrs. Aktas was chairperson and Sel Yackley co-chair of the monthly programs on Turkish culture.          

"Sel was educated in the United States, worked as a reporter at the Tribune, runs a public relations firm and serves on several boards.  So we knew she would be a tremendous asset to the organization," said Mrs. Aktas           

As program director, Sel has to appoint chairpersons to organize monthly programs that often attracts 100 or more people.  Since this year's April Gala, the only fund raising event of the year, is on the magnificence of Turkey, several monthly programs will be organized to build excitement and interest in the Ball.        

"I am glad to serve on the board of IWA.  I am honored and proud to represent my  motherland and to tell people about what a great country it is," said Sel Yackley, who often lectures on tourism in Turkey and escorts groups.  "I am lucky to have such bright and hardworking Turkish members in the organization." They are Fatos Aktas, Sylvia Anas, Meral Bensch, Sedef O'Connell, Neriman Gezen, Muge Hanioglu, Semra Prescott, Emel Singer and Sezgin Uskup. Julia Beemer and Lilya Sirazi are also members of the Turkish culture contingency, though somewhat inactive. 

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