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The Forthcoming Decision for Earth

A trilogy of three volumes

Howard Middleton-Jones and James M Wilkie
of Ambiac

The role of Phobos, Planet X, the "so called End time" and a major  decision for earth - THE BLESSING.

During the past 16 months or so, we at Ambilac have found it difficult to work through in an attempt to document the many events, which HAVE transpired. One must keep foremost in one's mind  that what we are experiencing (or will be experiencing) is in fact what the "ALL" is about, and the role that  we (our entity's) play in the overallÅ during this time of ascension.

During this timeframe, we have had to tread lightly on the waters  as it were. This is due to the sensitivity of that which is/has/or will have to occur as part of this movement towards ascension. Previously, we have had to write and convey our premise with what we will call a "lump in our throat", this "lump"  is the material which we could not reveal at various times, material that is required in order to assist others to grasp all that is contained in-depth in Vol.3 of our Giza-Genesis  Series.

In order to drive home the overall material contained in Volume 3  of our Giza Genesis, it has always been our intention to lay down our work so that the reader would give some thought from a perspective they have been unable to do up to this point in time. In addition, in our efforts to complete our goal there have been complexities (barriers) that have, over time, been ill conceived by those who would hold back the TRUTH from the people.

Thus the scenario that we would like to deal with initially concerns the INBOUND Planet "X", of which you will undoubtedly become more aware of as increasing verification becomes  available via the Internet/media of its impending and definite trajectory, as it speeds it's way towards EARTH

.However, before we deal with Planet "X" we would like to explain what we know at this point and time about PHOBOS, one of a pair of moons of the planet Mars, (Note 1) also known as the "King of Terror".

Phobos is the largest war machine ever built and was last used  against our neighboring planet Mars. We must state that we do not know at this time the identity of the original race that  actually constructed Phobos, but we DO know that recently a major battle waged over ownership of the "moon". During this battle  Phobos was relocated and placed in position behind Jupiter, this was carried out in order that we would not witness the conflict.

The battle itself was fought between those who constructed it and  those who wish to use it as a weapon against Earth, in the same fashion as it was used against Mars some millions of years ago.

In September of 2001, we were guests of Rob McConnell of the radio  show The "X" Zone,   (http://www.psitalk.com/xzone.cfm ) due to circumstances that evolved during the interview we stated at that time Phobos was no longer in an erratic orbit around Mars  but we could not at  that time divulge its location or the scenario as to which was taking place with reference to its future use.

There have been many denials, cover-ups and lies handed out to the public since certain events transpired, and there are reasons for this, which soon you will begin to understand, of which we will mention later.

However, we will now deal with the proceedings that led up to this incredible sequence of events. The situation with Phobos began when the comet 76P (Kohoutek) began

it's fly-by past Mars, and riding into this sector under cover of this comet was an Annunaki advanced war-ship (diameter 25 miles). If readers recall Father Malachi  (Vatican Priest) (http://www.starharbor.com/fr_martin/index1.html) made a comment on the Art Bell show

(http://members.aol.com/capnkent/vatican.htm) that referenced this scenario and it was later called, "What is approaching us"? (See Note 2 below and a complete transcript from the 1997 show)

This Annunaki war-ship fell away from its cover when it passed by Mars, and to avoid detection-sought refuge and cover in the asteroid belt where it then proceeded to carry out its intended plans. Their original plan called for the capture and securing of Phobos and to prepare it for use against Earth, while Planet "X" was simultaneously due to arrive in this sector.

For those who have followed our articles dating back to May 2000,  you will notice that sequentially we are now entering into those events  (in our real-time) that we spelt out over the course of those articles since that time. The attack against Earth by Phobos and Planet "X" is designed to disintegrate /disturb our electro-magnetic field. While for those who paid attention you will recall that on May 5th 2000 we activated a  machine which was located deep beneath the Pyramid complex at Giza (this was accessed through the Bethlehem "Processionway".  This was the exact time that our direct Lineage was accessible and simultaneously the time we activated our request for intervention.

On May 12th, 2000 we then sent a P.E.A.T (Physical Acquisition Team) team into a second chamber and activated a further set of machines, this time we (through activation) transferred control of the Earth's Electromagnetic field over to outside control.

To listen to our section on the above, go to the Jeff Rense archive shows at http://events.yahoo.com/shows/endoftheline/00archives.html and scroll down to May 8th 2000. (There was also a previous show on May 1st)

If you will recall, at the time of the activation there were many solar eruptions (CME's or Coronal Mass Ejections) (see http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/text/newz22x.htm and for great pictures go to http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/june.html)

that were taking place shortly thereafter on the SUN, yet for some reason the potential effects here on Earth failed to materialize. This is directly due to our having switched to outside  control of the Earth's E.M. "GRID".(http://www.sec.noaa.gov/ftpdir/plots/2000_plots/satenv/20000610_satenv.gif)

In addition to this, we wrote a further article demonstrating how a crop circle was a good visual aid showing a few in-bounds, thus demonstrating they would be BOUNCED off this  strengthened E.M. Grid. (See THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY http://www.ambilac.com/part_xiv.html).

However, even with this strengthen E.M. GRID we will still experience extreme vibrational havoc, but at least at that time we will avoid that which is their intent, that being to bring about the demise of our civilization. For it is their goal to bring this about when all are experiencing absolute FEAR, as they can only gain control of your SOUL if it is in a negative state of vibrational flux. This is the reason in almost all our articles we have tried to get across the importance of having NO FEAR.

On May 5th, 2002 a further alignment occurred, (http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/planets_align_020402-1.html)and as a result of that alignment this allowed our third Lineage line to enter into our time frame. That is to say it allowed our

Negative Lineage Line to enter our space.

Now we will proceed to discuss the scenario of Planet "X".


In recent months there has been a veritable plethora of information coming to light concerning the inbound referred to as simply Planet X. (Note 3) It is referred to in ancient texts by  various names, however this is of little importance as to what name it is presently attached. What is of importance is the fact that it signifies the END TIME approaches.

The initial point to understand is that when we refer to the "END TIME", what we are basically stating is that the full cycle has run its course and that time has to be reset. This is what we refer to as ZERO TIME. At ZERO time all points relative to this timeline will be sealed and a new timeline will emerge.

The scenario that we spoke of in reference to the WAR etc. (with respect to the PHOBOS connection) and the directconnection with Planet X is related directly with lineage lines; that is, Jacob's vs. Esau's. If you will recall, Jacob was involved with a scuffle when he arrived at the river while leading his people towards their home (EARTH). (Genesis32:23-32). It was there that he lost his tail. ESAU, on the other hand never lost his. When ESAU lost his right to the "BLESSING" he then moved to the hill country of SEIR, which is across the RIVER (or neighboring lineage line). Isaac, his father, told him that he must serve his brother Jacob, as there is but only one blessing, and he (ESAU) must wait his time and attempt to reclaim that which ESAU assumes is his. Genesis 27:35-36

Presently, ESAU is in ASHRAM, which is in the country of SEIR. This is the DARK SIDE or the negative to our existence on the LIGHT SIDE.

On May 5th 2000 (when the alignment occurred) the Bethel lineage line entered into alignment with our lineage line. Now the Bethel lineage line is the direct lineage line that Jacob  returned from with his wife Rachel (from HARAN). On MAY 5th 2002 the SEIR lineage line crossed over (or into) the river, which separates our lineage lines etc. This also occurred recently during a further rare and unusual alignment earlier this year on May 5th. www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsytem/planets_align_020402-1html)

Perhaps we can use an example from Genesis, (Gen 29:2-10) where Jacob arrives in the land of Haran and meets a few shepherds tending three flocks, where to water the sheep they have to roll a stone back from over a well. The synonym here is that the flock represents the three lineages and that only when the "doorway" is open (by moving the rock) then ascension is allowed.

He looked, and saw a well in the field, and behold, three flocks of sheep were lying there beside it, for from that well they watered the flocks. Now the stone on the mouth of the well was large. 3 When all the flocks were gathered there, they would then roll the stone from the mouth of the well and water the sheep, and put the stone back in its place on the mouth of the well Gen 29:2-3

The descendents of ESAU (if not ESAU himself) have but one-intent only and that is to try to enslave the people of Jacob. For it is at this time (as we approach ZERO TIME) that was referred to by Isaac when he told ESAU that he will once again have a further attempt at the blessing.

ESAU and his descendents are ANUNNAKI, or reptilian, but because JACOB lost his tail before crossing the RIVER into our lineage, we as HUMANS are not.

Some will recall that in an earlier article (http://ambilac-uk.tripod.com/cometlee2012/id5.html) we mentioned that the ERIDEANS had no use for the ANUNNAKI and this is because of the negative and warring mindset of the ANUNNAKI.

Further, anytime that any ANUNNAKI present themselves in this timeline and in this (OUR) lineage line the, ERIDEANS will attempt to capture them. Those that have not been captured lay in hiding, and those that were in hiding have helped pave the way for the ship that slid in under the cover of the comet Kohoutek.

In a number of our previous articles, (such as the UPCOMING ENERGY

-MAGNETIC - SHIFT) we at Ambilac have tried to explain how TIME reflects reality as it filters down through the process in interaction, to/ and through the direct association based on lineage lines. If you were to read some of these articles you will find that the events we first spoke of are occurring at this time in our present timeline, and they will continue to do so. Thus Planet "X" will arrive on May 13th 2003. But keep foremost in your mind that the scenarios will unfold precisely as we explained in those articles, and that the KEY to ascension lies in the individuals' ability to express NO FEAR.

In the months to come there will be many attempts by the DARK side to instill FEAR into all HUMANS, and make no mistake there is presently much help to ensure that all people will have the right to openly express their free will, thus ensuring that they receive precisely that. As for ESAU and his descendents, well, they may seek to gain control of the BLESSING but this will not occur.

We must now explain and answer some of your many questions, thus to begin with we will quickly run through the importance of the following;

The BLESSING, the COVENANT and the importance of the GIZA PLATEAU (and the machinery which lies beneath it).

In addition, in the following months we will explain how the "elite" possessed knowledge of the inbound for several years and have been preparing to move underground. We will also explain how Y2K was a ruse employed in order to study how the general populace reacted (in terms of hoarding etc) once this information leaks out. Much of the upper echelon of the military, in addition to the Vatican, also had previous knowledge of this event for some time - See notes (2) on Father Malachi and what is approaching us and the Vatican observatory at Mount Graham.

How to the Giza Plateau…


In Volume1 of the Giza series, we showed a number of diagrams of  the Giza Plateau as it would look once deciphered, such as this one below;

The comprehension of this decipherment is extremely important, and below we will explain why this is so.

Firstly, ALL universal bodies are locked into place based on their frequency and density compositions. These individual compositions are derived (and dictated by) that which substantiates their lineages. The direct lineages are also a product of  their own lineages, and so on.

We could call the pyramids located on the plateau a lineage set, in that the pyramid Khufu (representing Earth) is the product of the pyramid Khefre, which represents the first direct lineage line and the pyramid Menkaure is representing the first lineage line of Khefre. Thus making Menkaure the second lineage line of Khufu (or Earth in this case). Or, if you would prefer to call them Earth's parents, then Khefre would be the Mother designate and Menkaure the father.

We will also now point out that the other half of each lineage line, some may call it the negative to the positive, is in reality the fact that the plateau is set up to explain our primary Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, if the whole lineage line was to be represented by two additional pyramids, we would not have been able to extract as much information as we had up to this point in time.

As all things are in motion (circular) each has its own pivot point or point of Relative "0"- zero. This is where mirroring comes into play; for it is at this point we begin to include opposites and the balancing points etc. You may recall we often refer to the Dark side and to its negative effects on all that exists herein and of light. The reason this is so, is that the density and frequency wave patterns (measured as EM waves etc.) are in sync with our Sun's Electro Magnetic field. Thus, like the Sun once events have, over time, run their course we reach what is referred to as the end time. Which basically means that events have come full circle and must once again start a new cycle.

This is because it often takes millions of years for all 12 houses (lineage lines of the overall alignment) to come into precise alignment when all things are equal, or all "0's" are precisely aligned.

In Volume 2 of the Giza-Genesis series, we explained how the alignment in our direct lineage line is calculated aligning from both sides, we also explained how the constellations of Eridanus and Hologram figure into this alignment.

Further, we also explained how the plateau was originally configured to reflect the precision of this alignment. Make no mistake that we are referring to the End Time alignment, which will occur at Giza approximately 10:13 PM (local Cairo time) on Dec. 21st 2012. In the interim several other alignments (secondary) will have to occur as the whole 12 houses begin to align with one another. We also brought forth the simplicity of numbers that make all this work in our writings in the article Inter-dimensional Physics etc. In addition, we have always referenced a number of the Books contained in the Bible, such as Genesis and Exodus. Our belief is that science and religion are both one of the same. Genesis, although it does incorporate some hard numbers, is laid out to present itself along the lines of theoretical physics, this verses the hard line of our physical sciences etc. while adding to all this a little History as to the events that have transpired here in Earth's past.

In Volume 3 of the Giza series we will fully explain how the Gyroscopic motion that we function under, is very much a pinpoint action and that the Giza Plateau pinpoints that very exact location. We also pointed out how the machinery which is located deep beneath the plateau was not only operational but had been placed there hundreds of thousands of years ago and controls and stabilizes our present reality. This is clearly understood as the EM GRID fields here on Earth, which were also explained in Volume 2.

Gyroscopic Motion

The 3-D picture below demonstrates the alignment of the three Lineages (STAR ALIGNMENTS) once all will have moved into position, on the 21st of Dec. 2012. ALL are set at precisely 26.42857 Degrees (in elevation) of it's neighbor within it's own Lineage line, and all having maintained their own "0" (zero) relationship of 1.42857 Degrees (see article TURN UPTHE TUNES).

Once this alignment is completed the old Timeline will end and the NEW Timeline will be set, due to the fact that all will have come FULL CIRCLE. While the two additional lineages possessing its own, and maintaining, an individual circular (or Orbital) pattern.

Keep in mind that Motion creates Energy and the longer something is held in forward motion the greater its energy mass must be. (Understanding Gyroscopes


At the End Time, Distances will automatically adjust to offset any and ALL mass-ratio variances etc. This would be within the Laws of Motion. (Physics of rotational motionhttp://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/2188/AM.html#2.3)

Next, is the 30-degree angle (where each Lineage line  "at the END TIME" will be located) and where these lineage lines  sit, in respect to Earth's "0" point, will result in the creation of a spinning effect on the Earth's Mass. It is this spin thatlocks our GYRO motion into place for the NEW TIME, should ascension be realized. However, as we approach that "End time" the Earth will find herself in a difficult situation, where it will be vulnerable while these various alignments are unfolding due to the effect on our present Timeline etc. Thus eventually revealing herself to the influences of the effects created by lineages two and three. (Demonstrations in Gyroscopes


In the remaining part of this article we now wish to explain the BLESSING and the COVENANT.

The blessing if you will recall, was last passed on from Jacob to Ephraim (Genesis 48:20) and it is now the time of Ephraim to exercise the Blessing making him the "twice - blessed" one. (See THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY). However, before we explain what this entails we must introduce the COVENANT and how this also authorizes Ephraim to exercise >his right to execute the blessing, providing that he has lived according to the agreement with Heaven as laid out in the Ten Commandments (not necessarily meaning the Earthly interpretation of the same).

In order to explain this we must go to the book of Zechariah; It will come about that just as you were a curse among the nations, O house of Judah and house of Israel, so I will save you that you may become a blessing. Do not fear; let your hands be strong) Zechariah 8:13 `

Explained in this book we are shown how and who has the right to exercise the Blessing as well as Heavens' intent to fulfill the Covenant, which it struck with Isaac and which has been passed on down to and from Jacob, and now rests in the hands of Ephraim.

Now in order for Ephraim to exercise the "BLESSING" (refer to the Book of EXODUS) Ephraim must enter the complex and physically put on the "Breastplate" (or Breastpiece, see Exodus 28)---which only he can as it is DNA signature coded--- including other necessary vestments, and proceed to the altar to be judged as to that which is in his HEART. There must be and can only be LOVE. It is this responsibility of those who carry the "BLESSING" to step into the lamp and be judged by his peers. IF Ephraim succeeds in this task then Heaven will fulfill the Covenant that was established with our forefathers etc - and that is to protect "HIS" people from those that would mean them harm.

 Now we return to the book of Zechariah

Jesus, who is Heavens' representative, will take the reigns from Ephraim and fight the battle, which we all know is about to transpire and which has in fact already begun. The BLESSING is  entrusted to only one person for a reason and we call that person a Shepherd, and to each lineage there is assigned only one Shepherd.

All 12 shepherds will be present at the time of Judgment as all had agreed to the conditions which were laid down at the time the original "BLESSING" came into being.

Basically, the agreement struck was one that the Shepherds (12)  agreed to, which allowed Abraham the right to this reality, as he saw fit at the time, to live out in this space that we find  Earth occupying presently at this time. All of these 12 Shepherds are members of the Galactic Council, having agreed to

abide by the Judgment that is to be handed down from Heaven, HEAVEN always having the final word on these matters. Once the final decision is handed down, then and only then, are they permitted to intervene, and only to the extent that

Heaven has permitted them to do so.

As for these Shepherds and their flocks, or people or entities /souls they are responsible to, they possesses, and always have had the right to co-exist here on this planet and some do to this  day (but mostly in a parallel dimension).

Also take note that at the time of Judgment Satan/Esau or his representative will be present at the time the decision is handed down, and he must abide by the decision that Heaven decrees. If Heaven decides in favor of Ephraim then ourreality will be fashioned as to that which lays in the heart of Ephraim that being only LOVE.


As we mentioned above and in a number of our articles it is important to remain focused at this time, and maintain a positive attitude as to current events. Once you understand why these events are being played out and the ultimate goal for all on earth, then fear is not a word to even think about, do NOT play into the hands of the negative forces.

In the next few months we will be issuing a number of updates that will cover and explain the on-going events, and will hopefully answer your many questions. So please look in as often as  possible to keep abreast of these events and our comments and explanations.

In addition we will soon be forming a survival readiness group, and will be making some interesting and most helpful offers, this will include the option of a special regular newsletter, with a special gift from Ambilac.

Keep looking in for this survival readiness group, and in the meantime watch for current events and learn to prepare oneself and share with others.


A quote from Robert O Deane from the interview at





Bob Deane

Note (1)


An Answer To The Threat of 76P And The Plight of Phobosb y Ray Ward & Gary d. Goodwin http://www.tmgnow.com/repository/cometary/76P_phobos1.htm

Note (2)
Father Malachi - "What is approaching us" Art Bell show April 5th 1997
Transcript from show (as taken by Howard Middleton-Jones)

ART - The Vatican has a very, very great deal of power.

Father - That's right

ART - Å We talked about it

Father - Yes we have

ART - Whether they admit it or not a great deal of power, all around the world.

Father - uh hm (confirming statement)

ART - One of the things they did, was to muscle, and I - I do intend to use that word,

Father -Yes

ART - they muscled their way onto a mountain in Arizona, Mount Graham.

Father - Yes

ART - And they built an observatory on Mount Graham, in connection with Arizona University Observatory, however, the Vatican has the larger part of this control of the observatory,  looking at seep space things.

Father - That's right.

ART - Now, why would they have done that father?

Father - Because, the mentality - attitude of those at the higher -  highest levels of Vatican administration and Vatican seer  politics,  know knowledge of what is going on in space and what's approaching us could be of great import in the next 5 - 10 years.

ART - Carefully and well chosen words, thank you father.

Author's note: In Father Malachi's last comment above, he  hesitated after offering the 5 year time line, then adding 10 years... remember, the 5 years would be in 2003.

- . -


This article submitted by Barbara PARKER on March 7, 2003. Thank you.

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