Independent Video Producer, Director and Editor
Since 1992, Queens Public Television, NY
More than 40 original television programs
both in Turkish and English.

Freelance Art Correspondent
1990-1993, NY Hurriyet Newspaper and Hurriyet-Gosteri Art Magazine
Freelance Correspondent/Art Journalist
1984-1990, For various publications in Istanbul, Turkey. Including;
Nokta, Sanat Olayi, Soz, Kadin, Sanat Cevresi,
Hurriyet-Gosteri magazines and Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

Bureau Chief Assistant
1976-1983, Former Istanbul Bank, at the headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey
MA in Media Studies,
1999, New School University.
Thesis project: "All Ideas / Freedom of Expression in Turkey.", a video documentary.

BA in Fine Arts,
1988, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey
"En Kutsali Yaratmak" (To create is most sacred),
By Bircan Unver, Say Publishing Company, Istanbul, Turkey. Interviews with artists, commentary on art exhibitions, and essays, in Turkish.
The Light Millennium, Inc.
A-Not-Profit Organization, based in New York City, since July 17, 2001

Turkish & Greek Synergy
www.turkishgreeksynergy.net ((This site is not active since 2008 but its first introductory issue is available in the following link: http://www.members.tripod.com/turkishgreeksynergy/)
English & Turkish) As a contribution for the Global Peace Movement.
Launched since October 2000.

The Light Millennium Internet Magazine
(Isik Binyili) English & Turkish
Launched since August 1999 with its first Introductory issue. First issue was published in January 2000. Currently, 7th issue has been e-published. Quarterly.

The Light Millennium TV programs
Launched since January 2000, monthly, in English. Each program highlights an independent issue such as art, artist profiles, culture, freedom of speech and peace.

Golden Web Award, 2001-2002
"Excellence achieved in Web Design, Content and Creativity."
"The Light Millennium Internet Magazine"

First Place in "Arts"
1998 NorthEast Video Festival
Special Juri Award
1999 Hometown Video Festival
"The Walls of the World"
Produced, directed, written and edited.
Based on Turkish artist Burhan Dogancay's photographic archive from walls of the World, in English.
1997 Hometown Video Festival
"Erol Akyavas"
Produced, directed, written, and edited.
"Erol Akyavas", a narrative documentary, which profiles Turkish artist Erol Akyavas's arts and his Easthern philosophy, in Turkish.

Born in 1959, mother of two childrens and lives in Queens, New York.
Updated on November 18, 2001
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Homepage of: The Light Millennium
Introductory Issue
of the Light Millennium
1998 NorthEast Video Festival
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Photo by Ogur Alpoge- ŠThe Light Millennium, B.Ü., New York, July 1999